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Imagine! A Make-Up Battle between these badass Boys & Girls from Fairy Tail! I can just see it now! xD

(Picture Edits done by Me! xD)

On the Boy's Team we have... > Natsu Dragneel : Fire Dragon Slayer > Gray Fullbuster : Ice Devil Slayer > Laxus Dreyar : Lightning Dragon Slayer > Freed Justine : Dark Ècriture Magic > Gildarts Clive : Destruction Magic > Gajeel Redfox : Iron Dragon Slayer > Sting Eucliffe : White Dragon Slayer > Jellal Fernandez : Heavenly Body Magic > Rogue Cheney : Shadow Dragon Slayer > Zeref Dragneel : Black Magic
On the Girl's Team we have... > Erza Scarlet : Requip Magic > Mirajane Strauss : Take-Over Magic > Mavis Vermillion : Illusion/Black Magic (Black Magic = The 3 Grand Fairy Spells) > Lucy Heartfilia : Celestial/Urano Metria Magic > Juvia Lockser : Water Magic > Wendy Marvell : Sky Dragon Slayer > Minerva Orland : Spacial Magic > Kagura Mikazuchi : Swordsmanship/Gravity Magic > Cana Alberona : Card/Fairy Glitter Magic > Ultear Milkovich : Ice-Make/Lost Magic

With all honesty I believe the Girls would win or it would become a tie because Im not just using commen magic and power ability sense but Im also thinking of the trump cards the girls have on these boys xD....So Who do you think would win!?! Comment below!


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Just make them nosebleed it will work , it will be an instant K.O
@arnelli Hmmmmm?
@AimeBolanos mmmhmmm
guys teem would win just because you included gildarts