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Okay! So for this day's card, It's throwdown Thursday, and that means, pick 2+ characters to battle (ones who haven't battled it out yet if possible) and, decide at your best guess, who would win. Simple enough, right? WRONG. It's difficult to decide who would win... Especially with S-Class wizards...
For mine, I chose Mirajane vs. Laxus. I have for the longest times wanted to see who would win. I think I already have it figured out though.
So Mira, scary when she needs to be, sweet and kind most of the time... She has Satan's soul (what you're seeing now) and two others that come slightly after you see this a few times.
Now Laxus, Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic is his magic and he got it not by a dragon teaching him, but a lacrama (forgive my spelling)
So my opinion, Mira would win. I only came by this decision because of this Glorious battle right up here! ↑ ↑ Laxus couldn't beat two lower class wizards so how could he defeat Mira? Another S-Class wizard??
So, that concludes my card. If you think otherwise of what I said, go ahead and tell me your reasonings! I would actually want to hear them! Tags: @Tylor619 @AimeBolanos @OtakuDemon10 @hikaymm Have fun participants!!
I agree with @OtakuDemon10 on this one
idk, I mean Mira's awesome and badass, but she's a little out of practice compared to Laxus, plus he took on all of Raven Tail single handed in the Grand Magic Games, so I think he would win this one
@OtakuDemon10 He did! So then I wonder, would Laxus win? He did beat an entire guild, but then, Natsu and Gajeel defeated him, well, Natsu in the end... Hmm. This should be a debate
Mira is my bae lol (well on my list)