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This was awesome because I did a lab on anime items that would be amazing in real life for school and this helped out so much!! Here is the link to ANN website info on these 7 anime's and items!! . Capsule Corporation Capsules (Dragon Ball) The characters of Dragon Ball use Dr. Brief's capsules to transport large objects during adventures, but the "bag of holding" style technology would have a ton of real-world applications that would make life easier. The entire process of moving out of one home to another would be ridiculously simple. Shipping cargo would be less expensive and buying heavy items and having them mailed would be less of a logistical nightmare.
Eden of the East App (Eden of the East) The application seen in East of Eden allows individuals to take a picture with their phones and learn anything they'd want to know from the subject in the photo. The concept is feasible enough, it's almost surprising it doesn't already exist. It essentially works like Wikipedia. Imagine being on a trip in a foreign country where you could take a picture of a restaurant and immediately read their menu in your native language or get data on a historical landmark. Researching for college papers would be a breeze.
Persocoms (Chobits) Anime has offered a lot of androids for a variety or purposes, including companionship. Few though are as adorable as the pocket-size Sumomo/Plum who is essentially the "laptop" version of the larger Chii. Her capabilities, like most Persocoms in the series, combine the best aspects of a personal assistant. The persocom Yuzuki has the ability to teach herself new abilities instead of through programming, showing the tech could be easily adaptable beyond personal use. Industries in Japan are pushing forward with this kind of technology, from talking vacuums to customer service, although none are as cute as Sumomo yet
Anywhere Door (Doraemon) Teleportation, like the ability to fly, are popular super powers to assign characters because how much simpler they make everything. Having something like Doraemon's Anywhere Door removes the need for a traffic-clogged commute from work, expensive travel costs to anywhere as well as the time required to get there. There's never be an excuse for being late; ever. It does pose some political and financial concerns if the technology became widely accessible.
Memory Storage (Mardock Scramble) Okay, so memory storage was totally abused within the context of Mardock Scramble, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a ton of potential. People can create back-ups of their memories which can in turn be used to solve crimes after they're dead or too incapacitated to testify. It also creates the possibility for a sort of "immortality" as memories can be passed on. Perhaps more amazing would be creating a memory library comprised of important people through out history and the ability to learn from viewing their memories.
Angels (Angelic Layer) From a pure entertainment standpoint, the game of Angelic Layer would be awesome. It combines different hobbies like figure/gunpla customization, stat grinding, and fighting games into one mind-controlled battle arena. In 1999, the concept seemed like pure sci-fi but with the advances in Augmented Reality, a game like this is much more feasible.
Gundam Nucleus Drive (Gundam 00) The Gundam Nucleus Drive (GN Drive) is an energy source used in Gundam 00 to power mobile suits. When used reasonably, the generators could essentially run forever and its waste output is nearly undetectable. While many of its perks have weapons benefits, a scaled down version could solve the majority of Earth's energy problems and reliance on fossil fuels. Transportation vehicles, factories, anything could run off a GN Drive generator as long as possible. Source- Anime News Network Anime Is Life!!
I want to get the anywhere door, imagine going to your favorite city without paying so much for plane tickets
Google goggles is very similar to east of Eden app