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FTISLAND has a comeback!!! I'm so excited to see what the guys have done this time!
Album - Truth ver False ver
Truth Teaser Pictures
False Teaser Pictures
Take Me Now MV Teaser
All that is left is the Talk and MV/Album release!

So Please Love and Support These Dorks XD

I'm so excited for this comeback guys!

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I'm exicted! 😄
I was so excited when I saw this on the vapp!! they were my first kpop loves!!!
I've never been interested in FT ISLAND so I've never heard any of their songs, but I think I'll check out their MV when it comes out!
I've ordered one of each version....signed copy....and I just can't wait. My daughter and I will each have a CD then, just like I Will.
Ive been waiting so long its like a dream come true!