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Dance °Hip hop, robot, dubstep, and some Latinos dance moves I dance for anything in my everyday life. I even dance on the icecream's truck Music. Dancing is my main salvation for escaping any stresses away.
All Type of Sports Im All-Sport. Love compatition/movement, any kind of sports or new sports I haven't played,yet, I want to play anything. I don't have any talents for sports, I work hard enough to be playing first in the team.
Text ppl (Social Media) I only have like 4 ppl that i hardly go out and have fun, so I'm bored for ever. That's why I've Vingle, Snapchat, Facebook, Kiki, Instagram, Line, and some few also. I've some friends I made on online.
Babysitter I babysit my kids(nephews) and others, and I even babysit dogs, too
Draw/Sketch I only do it when im bored or someone requested me to do it for a favor. I still need a lot of work-skill for it to handle.
Graphic Design/ Illustration Im practicing for my future career to study for College also. Im still a beginner so I don't know awesome skills for it. p.s I would of put more pictures, but few is enough . Tag: @hikyamm
niahahaha ok ... I'll try hard and post it on YouTube. Than I'll tell u to look me up. Deal😏
Well I can danced but since I've atop dancing like, all 'pro' it's hard to dance how I used to. So I'm going to work on that this year.
@MimmiBumble01 yahohohohoho sounds awesomeness
@MimmiBumble01 you can do it nakama yahohohohoho I believe in you
the only Latino dance I can do is the kumbia yahohohohoho would love to see ya dance sum time nakama