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nakama intro week day 4
yahohohohoho this one is tough but if I could reincarnate into any anime character it would have to be either pops Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate or or juraiya sensei both men who cared deeply for their student/family and was willing to lay down their lives for them as I am for my family
check out my nakama their awesomeness yahohohohoho @hikaymm @AutmnWinds @nekoneko @willowsoto @SimplyAwkward @SymoneBelcher @Bestfluteever @mimibumble01 @SimoneSanders @kagetsuki040910 I might be missing sum but I'm trying yahohohoho
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Nyrufufufufu I like your choices
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@AutmnWinds yahohohohoho thank you very much nakama
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