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I grew up with this cutie, Kyungil. Funny, always there, straight up awesome! But just friends.
Then I met this guy, Dokyun. We hit it off and he was my first love. Believe me, Kyungil got an earful of my devotion to this cute and shy guy. Only problem--from a rival gang.
Then Kyungil had to go and hook me up with his friend, Yijeong, who apparently had eyes for me. That just derailed me and Dokyun. But things actually went well between us.
But things eventually ended between us. The man had things to do with a music career and it took its toll.
Then I come to find Dokyun had become a gang leader. Needless to say, we never could be seen together again.
But secretly, the man has been stalking me.
I think it's because of our history together. And maybe because I saved his life when we first met.
But these days, I married a man from our ally gang, Sihyoung. Tall, funny, and dependable, always there, and in the end that's all you could ask for, right? Plus, he's hilarious.
No Jaeho this round...he's a bystander in my drama. @MrsKyungil
@MrsKyungil these games are pretty fun. I enjoy trying to make sense of the results
Hehe loved it. pretty crazy like mine lol