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My Unni @MrsKyungIl tagged me in a new game. It's HISTORY based so I'm all game. History is one of my all time favorite groups. So with out further adieu: Let the games begin, and may the odd be ever in your favor. (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSorry couldn't resist.)

Childhood Friend: JaeHyo (Heehee Bias #2)

First Love: KyungIl ( Bias #1)

In Love With Me: YiJeong (this is adorable. )

Ex-Lover: DoKyun (Don't know how I should feel about this as he's my bias wrecker.)

Rival Gang Leader: KyungIl (Babe Waeyo?!)

Stalker: DoKyun (can you not?!)

Saves his Life: KyungIl (Of Course I would. )

I Marry: YiJeong (that's cute. He got to marry me. )

Tag List: Please comment if you wish to be added or removed.

@MrsKyungil Jaehyo did it for me. thou with the HIM comeback KyungIl kept his place only because of the JaeIl duet during the breakdown.
@MrsKyungil KyungIl brought me to History and will stay at #1. DoKyun can kick rocks because he's too much. He is extremely rude and needs to stay in his lane.
@MaelstromVIP oh Kyungil and Sihyoung's dance break and rap? it was totally hot lol
@MaelstromVIP yeah I said the same thing. even before their HIM cb I sensed DoKyun was getting rude and I was right. he completely won me over though.
oh yeah DoKyun is mainly who I think about now. YiJeong is the one I'm trying to avoid now lol
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