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Nakama Week! Day 4

This was a very difficult one to do cause I have no idea what character I'd want to be reincarnated as. Theres so many im probably forgetting xD I tied on two people. So, the first one isssssss

Levy McGarden!

I chose Levy for simple reasons. First, I just love Levy, shes so awesome xD She likes to read, like me, and I've always thought her solid script magic was cool. Levy is strong, smart, and even though shes short, I think shes a pretty big person, personality wise xD Plus, I would love to be apart of Fairy Tail! So, yeah, if i we're to be reincarnated, I would hope to be Levy. The second person isssssssssss

Nanami Momozono!

I love Nanami! Shes hilarious, and half the time while i was watchinf Kamisama Kiss, I had the exact same reaction to things as her. I guess i could've put her on yesterday's card, but I saved her for todays. It would definitely be interesting to be in Nanamis shoes, so if I were reincarnated, it would be fun to be Nanami xD plus, y'know-


So yeah, thats it for my Thursday card. Bye-Bye! PEOPLES I CONSIDER NAKAMA/I have taken a liking to you: @OtakuDemon10 @SymoneBelcher @SimplyAwkward @DestinyAgnew @Kell13 @Alcides13 @KiNg4LiFe @KageTsuki040910 @arnelli @AmarisHoruko18
@arnelli BREH 😂
@CandyApple22 kinky and interesting
oh tomoe my one and true love
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