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Ch. 14
“Shit he must have left while I was asleep.” I said out loud. I start walking with no particular place in mind. I pull out my phone and call Takuya again, still not answering my calls.
Takuya’s POV
I wake up from sleeping and look at my phone 60 missed calls and all of them where from Shin. “He must be getting annoyed with me now.” I said to myself. I look out my window, his bedroom light is off I wonder where he is?
I start down the stairs when I hear his voice. He’s talking to my mother. “Crap I forgot I sent that text to her about staying with Shin.” I curse myself out in my head. I hear Shin say goodbye to my mother and the door shut. I assumed it was safe for me to come down. I find my mother in the kitchen starting to make her dinner.
“Hi, mom.” I say, she jumps from being startled.
“Oh god, honey you scared me. I thought you were with Shin.” She asks.
“I was going to be, I came home to change and fell asleep. I’ll call him.” I walk into the kitchen and help her with dinner.
“Are you going to eat anything?” She asks as I pick at the food in my plate. I place my chopsticks down and lean back in my chair. I give her a fake smile.
“I’m really not that hungry. I’m going to bed.” I reply. My mother just nods her head.
Shin’s POV
I’ve searched everywhere I could think of where he might have gone and can’t find him. I call his phone again and still no answer. “Now you’re just pissing me off damn it.” I said out loud. I start to head back home.
“Good evening.” A voice in the dark said. I turn around and a man emerges from the dark.
“Who are you?” I ask. The man is older and he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
“Where is Takuya he isn’t with you? Isn’t he always with you?” The man asks. I look at him confused “How does he know Takuya?” I think to myself. The man walks closer to me, throwing his cigarette to the ground and stepping on it.
“I want you to give Takuya a message for me.” The man says to me, and then a second later he gives me an evil smile and punches me hard in the stomach. I bend over in pain and surprise.
“What did I ever do to you, I don’t even know you, who are you?” I ask him these questions as he continues to beat me up. He just chuckles at my questions. I drop to the ground and he kicks me four or five times. I hear a crack and feel a sharp pain in my chest, finally he stops, the man bends down to face me eye to eye.
“Where’s your phone back pocket?” he asks me. He puts his hand in my back left pocket and pulls out my phone. At that moment I receive a call from Takuya.
“Hey Shin, I need to see you can you come over?” Takuya asks. The man starts to chuckle.
“I’m sorry but your boyfriend Shin is not feeling well. Why don’t you come see him?” The voice said.
Takuya’s POV
Takuya’s eyes grow wide as he knows the voice, it’s his father but how did he, when did he.
“What did you do to Shin?” I ask him, knowing good and well he’s beat him up. I grab my things and start heading out for the door.
The man places the phone on my ear. I try to speak but it hurts to breathe.
“Father answer me damn it, what have you done to Shin.” I yell into my phone as I walk towards the park nearby.
“Takuya, Takuya.” I hear a faint voice calling for me.
“SHIN, oh god where are you please can you tell me?” I ask him, I stop in my tracks to listen to his voice over the phone.
“The park.” I knew he was talking about the one I’m about to come up on.
“Okay I’m going to call 911 and I’ll be there in less than a minute.” I end the call with Shin and call 911.
“Yes I have an emergency my friend is beaten up pretty bad.” I tell them, give them the address of the park and run towards it. I’m looking for him when I finally see someone laying on the ground I run so fast I thought I would fly.
“SHIN! SHIN!” I call out to him I see the body lift his head just a little bit so I knew it was him. I reach him and put his head in my lap.
“I’m so sorry, so sorry. I didn’t want this to happen I was trying to keep you away from me so he wouldn’t find you.” I tell him.
“Was that your father?” Shin asks between short and shallow breaths.
“Don’t talk, I know it hurts, wait until you get better I’ll tell you everything. Just look at me, and please don’t leave me.” I feel tears running down my face. Shin slowly lifts his hand up and places it on my face.
“I’ll never ever leave you. Takuya,” Shin barely tells me. At that moment I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder.
“Sir is this the man who’s injured?” They ask me. I nod my head.
“Please move out of the way so we can take care of him.” I slowly move away. They look Shin over and then put him in the ambulance. I get in the ambulance with them and we take him to the hospital. I over hear what the EMT says.
“I have a young male, internal bleeding, possible punctured lung, broken ribs.” My eyes grow wide. I start to get angry at how badly Shin is hurt. Tears fall from my eyes and I hold his hand. Shin opens his eyes and looks at me.
“Don’t cry.” He says to me. Which only makes me cry harder. We reach the hospital and get out of the ambulance they take Shin in and I reach the nurses station. This feels like Déjà vu; it reminds me of when I was in the hospital.
I move to an area where I can use my phone and call Seyoung and Yongseok, Casper, and Sungmin.
“Hey guys, Shin’s in the hospital he’s beaten up pretty bad.” I tell them, they ask me what hospital and tell me to stay where I’m at.
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