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*plays that pokemon battle theme since taehyung called hobi one*
@PolarStarr Oh lordy! Jungkook, aka Jeon Cena, plows through rows of fans screaming about a ho-oh! He then takes a fan's phone because they're trying to get it and holds it to where they can't reach saying it's his and no one is going to catch it besides him. Of course, it's a ho-oh. You can't really blame him lol
For reals!! Omg! 👏😂 Those three would do something like that! 😂 Or like them freaking out cause there would be a pokemon in the crowd during a fan meeting. 😂 @MadAndrea
@PolarStarr That's exactly what I was thinking. Can you imagine how much trouble they would make? I can see Hobi, Tae, or Jungkook causing a car accident because they were chasing a charmander
Hahha right?! Imagine how fun it would be for them though! You know cause they travel everywhere!!! @MadAndrea
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