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Before I got into kpop, I would watch videos of my favorite youtubers. For example: Connor Franta, Dan and Phil, Pewdiepie, Tyler Oakley, just to name a few. After getting into kpop, I found out that some kpop artists posted covers of songs on YouTube before debuting as an idol. Ailee was on of them.
She had a channel called mzamyx3 (now called Ailee) then she had "aileemusic" (now called Official Ailee YouTube Channel)

So today, I'm going to share some of the covers she posted so we can see how far she has come.

Click the link at the bottom to watch her amazing cover of "No One" by Alicia Keys

Click the link at the bottom to watch yet another amazing cover. This time she sang "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Housten

This amazing, talented, gorgeous human being got her start on YouTube, and is now slaying in South Korea. I'm so proud of her!


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Wow that's so amazing, she's so amazing!!!! Thumbs up to her!!!