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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Mature content / College AU Chapter 9 Story: One night and one big mistake led you to becoming a plaything to your best friend's brother. It seems like you can't do anything without Junmyeon hanging that night over your shoulder. What a jerk right, then how did you get addicted?
Junmyeon's POV She was still crying in pain despite passing out. Kyungsoo had her in the backseat with him and Junmyeon hurried to the hospital. He may have just run a red light or two but he didn't care about the tickets he might get he was worried about Y/N. Gi was on her way too, she happened to call Kyungsoo to find out if he wanted to hang when he told her about Y/N being in pain and fainting. Junmyeon couldn't bother with telling her not to come, plus Gi and Y/N liked each other despite the mess going on between her and Kyungsoo. He pulled into the hospital parking lot and Kyungsoo got out of the car holding Y/N and running with Junmyeon to get help. The emergency team took her back while the woman at the desk had Junmyeon fill out information. Kyungsoo had to fill out the parts he didn't know. Kyungsoo seemed a bit surprised he was able to fill out most of it on his own. Junmyeon spent a solid hour pacing in the waiting room. Gi tried to get him to sit down and relax but he couldn't he was going out of his mind. "What the Fuck happened?" he said to himself. His hand raked through his hair. Kyungsoo wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. He was taking this just as hard as Junmyeon. Gi had cradled Kyungsoo's head into her chest and rocked him. Whispering that she would be fine, "She's a strong girl Junmyeon she'll be fine." "You didn't hear her, that was the most terrifying sound I've ever heard her make. She's pregnant Gi and I really don't know what the fuck to do for either of them." "She really was pregnant?" she asked shocked. Kyungsoo and Junmyeon both nodded, "Junmyeon I can't even imagine what you're going through but please try to keep it together for Y/N's sake." Gi said. Junmyeon leaned against the wall, his head bumping against it as he leaned back. He had come to tell her that he was moving in with Minseok, it probably was best for him to get out of Kyungsoo's place. He bought her a stuffed bear for the baby and was planning to surprise her the next day on her way to her doctors appointment. She had said she was experiencing stomach pains but she seemed nonchalant about it. He was worried a bit because it was causing her enough discomfort to go home early from work but he didn't think it would get this bad. Why did it get this bad? The sound of her crying and her begging him to help her and make the pain stop rang in his ears. He'd never felt more powerless in his life he just wanted to hold her. Finally a doctor came out to talk to them and they all stood up asking simultaneously, "Is she okay?" "She's fine right now, we're going to keep her over night to monitor her condition." the doctor said "What about the baby?" Junmyeon said. "Can I ask you something first, you said she was complaining of stomach pains before right? Did she describe the pain to you?" "No but why dose that matter?" Junmyeon said. "Well I'm just trying to discover the source of what caused this. How was her eating habits?" "She wasn't really eating a lot the past week." Kyungsoo answered. "She said she felt nauseous and it made it hard for her to eat." Junmyeon said. "Was she under any heavy stress?" the doctor asked. "We had a few family issues we were working out." Kyungsoo said looking at Junmyeon. Suddenly the doctor understood but started to become more careful with her words. "You still didn't tell me, is the baby okay?" Junmyeon asked. She took in a deep breath, "Mr.Kim your girlfriend was almost four weeks pregnant. Her not getting enough food and more specifically right nutrition weakened her. Add that with what seems like heavy stress and her body reacted. Being in her first trimester there wasn't a way to- save the baby." "What?" he breathed his chest visibly rising and falling. The doctor became a little more empathetic and tried to chose her words carefully but was trying to be as honest as possible. "I'm afraid she did suffer from a miscarriage. I'm so sorry." "No. No, no ,no, no, no." Junmyeon broke down. "Junmyeon."Gi said softly trying to fight back tears of her own. Junmyeon was crying, yet again another child gone before he could touch it. He was furious, not at her but the entire situation. He should've been able to fix it, he promised to take care of them, to protect them. He only aided in hurting them. She was nearly a month along. He punched the wall making a hole. Everyone in the waiting room stared at him. "Fuck!" he yelled. Not because of the pain he felt in his hand but the pain he felt in his heart. He wasn't even sure he could see her now. He turned around and saw Kyungsoo's face and it only fueled his anger more. He told him he would hurt her, he asked her to not have the baby. He headed for the door and stopped by him to say, "Looks like you got what you fucking wanted." He walked past Kyungsoo who couldn't mutter a word. "Junmyeon where are you going?" Gi called out to him. He didn't bother to answer though, he was out the door and to his car. He kept hitting the roof of the car trying to take control of his emotions but instead they guided him. All he could do was turn his back to the car and slide down till he sat with his hands in his face crying. Everything was hurting, he felt like he failed her and again failed his child. He didn't know how to be strong right now..... right now he was just falling apart. Three days passed by and he hadn't seen Y/N since he took her to the hospital. He'd gotten drunk that night after he left the hospital and didn't go to see her the next day. He felt like shit and wanted to apologize incase she got the wrong idea so he tried waiting for her to get out of classes but Tao and Kyungsoo said she never showed up. He went to her job with Kyungsoo but they said she called out. Junmyeon waited at her house all night, she never came home. After the third day of searching places she would go, he started considering calling the police. Three whole days of silence, she didn't answer her phone or texts, in fact when he called her it went straight to voicemail so she had turned it off. She went into hiding and pushed everyone out including Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo felt terrible about everything. Gi was there to provide him comfort but even still he said he couldn't face her again when they found her. Right now Junmyeon was on the phone with Gi, they had split up checking hotels, showing a picture of Y/N to the desk clerk asking if she'd checked in at all. So far no one had seen her. "Damn it where the fuck is she?" Junmyeon said worried "I don't know Junmyeon we can only keep looking. Her father hasn't heard from her either from what Kyungsoo said and her phone is still off, even your mother tried to call her." "I can't lose her too Gi. I've lost too much I can't be without her." "We'll find her." Gi said. Y/N's POV You could over hear the doctors from your room talking about the miscarriage. Your entire body went numb and you forced yourself not to cry. Kyungsoo got what he wanted, your baby was gone. The next day the doctor explained to you what had happened and why it happened. All your stress and worry about Kyungsoo finding out about you two and what he would think, the fights that happened, and your lack of appetite had come back to bite you. It cost you the most precious thing in the world. Gi came to pick you up from the hospital, you knew Kyungsoo wouldn't dare show his face but you felt like hell that Junmyeon didn't show up. You felt like he was upset at you, blaming you for everything that happened. He wanted this baby and you had lost it. Gi never mentioned why she was the one to get you and not one of the boys but she dropped you off at home. All day you stayed in bed, waiting for Junmyeon to come knock on the door. You waited for his sweet voice to call you baby girl you wanted him to tell you it was okay. Nothing would ever be okay again would it? By day two, you left the house in your sweats and headed to buy some alcohol. You made your way to the island your mother was buried at. She said that she liked the island and if she were to end up any where she'd be buried here so her soul could always take in the perfect view. There was a small cliff and her headstone sat there over looking the water in front of you. A perfect view for you to drink, "Here's to you mom and to the baby I never met." you said raising the bottle to your lips. There was a woman staying on the island, her home was just below the cliff. She had come up and saw you sitting there by the headstone. When she discovered it was your mother buried there, she became more welcoming than before. She brought you into her house and let you take a shower. The only clothes she could lend you while the ones you wore were being washed were dresses. You stayed in her house most of the time just looking out at the beach. "Why are you so sad?" the woman asked. "Because I've lost everything." "How is that?" You shook your head indicating that you didn't want to talk about it. The memory of being in so much pain only hurt you more. You wanted to save it, you wanted to protect it. You just felt so broken and empty. The woman sighed, "What's your name by the way?" she asked. "Y/N, yours?" "Areum." she answered. You raised your head from resting on the wicker chair and looked at her in shock. Areum smiled a bit asking, "What's wrong?" "That was my mother's name." "Oh yes, I remember it's on the headstone. I've met your father before too. He used to come here a lot to visit her. I could see him from the house. I came up one day to ask him why he came. He explained to me that after losing his wife he lost his job and he had a daughter too young to understand why she couldn't come home with him at the end of the day. He was asking her to guide him; he didn't want to lose her too " "I didn't think he ever came back here." "Yes he did, and you could see how much he loved her.... and you." "You must've told him something to give him hope. He came home one day a different man. What did you tell him?" "I told him the only way to get the rainbow is to let the rain come. You always see the prettiest skies after the storm." "What if it hurts too much to move and your just stuck in the storm forever." "Well that's the beauty about storms. They always pass. So it's your choice if you want follow it or stick around and wait to catch that rainbow." Areum smiled at you. You looked at her, observing her face. Wise words from a wise woman didn't automatically erase your pain but it made you hope. You stayed there for a day and a half before you finally headed back home. You stopped drinking and walked down the street back to your place. You had held in your tears for so long that the closer you got to the house the more they silently spilled out at the memory of that day. "Y/N!" You heard your name screamed by a familiar voice come from behind you. You looked back quickly to see Junmyeon coming up to you. You couldn't think or explain why but your first reaction was to run. You ran down the street, down the sidewalk as he called out for you to stop. The closer you got to the house the more the crowd began to thin out, you were crying harder and it slowed you down. You ran to the steps but by then he'd caught up to you and hugged you tightly. Your face in his chest as you cried. "No! Let go of me!" you said pushing him away. "Baby girl I'm sorry please-" "No I hate you! Let go!" you cried, punching his chest. He pulled you in closer. "Y/N I love you. I'm sorry." "You lied to me, you said everything would be okay but it wasn't." you cried. Junmyeon held you tighter, even as you yelled at him through tears and told him you hated him he couldn't let you go. You couldn't pull away because, out of everyone, you wanted him to hold you. It was him you wanted in the hospital when you woke up and you were angry and broken that he wasn't there, that he never came to see you. You thought you lost everything, "I didn't mean to. I wanted the baby. I did. I'm sorry." You cried. "Y/N stop it. I was never mad at you baby girl." "Then why didn't you come to me? You weren't there, I needed you and you left me." "I know I'm so sorry. I'm an idiot, I never meant to hurt you." His voice rang with pain he had been crying too. "Let go of me." You said. "No I'm never letting you go. Never again. I love you." "Why did you do this to me?" "I love you." he repeated. "Stop it! I don't want to hear it!" "I love you." "Shut up! I hate you!" "You're mine. I love you." he said. Your crying became less and less as he chanted those three words. He picked you up in his arms and took you up the stairs. He opened the door, he must've taken Kyungsoo's key again. He kicked the door closed and headed straight for your bedroom. He laid you down softly, climbing on top of you. His lips covering you neck in sweet kisses. His hands reaching up your sweatshirt. You laid there allowing his fingers and lips to become reacquainted with your body. He lifted up your sweat shirt pulling it over your head. He gently pulled your sweatpants off and then pulled off his own shirt. He laid behind you kissing your neck and wrapping his hands around your stomach. "You're the most important thing in the world to me baby girl." he said. "How can you still love me?" "It wasn't your fault baby girl. I should've taken better care of you. I should've made sure you didn't have to worry about all this stuff." You let yourself mold into his body, his lips kissing the nape of your neck. You were still crying, especially when his hands pressed a little harder against your stomach. "I'm sad and I know you are too but I need you to know that I love you, I'll always love you no matter what. I need you stay mine baby girl, I need you to love me as much as I love you. I can't go back to living without you, you're my everything." "I love you Junnie." you whisper. You could feel something wet hit your skin. He was crying too. You both lost something but you both had each other to make it through. Your storm was almost over and you couldn't wait to see the rainbow. *Ten months later.* "Fuck Junmyeon what if someone hears us?" He leaned over, his chest pressed against your back while he was still thrusting inside of you. You turned your head to catch a glimpse of him smiling while he said, "They won't hear a thing if you keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut." "This is the last time I come to your office for lunch." "Oh baby girl don't complain, you're the one that wore that sexy dress for me didn't you?" he said pleasure dripping from his voice. "Ahh, that's because you fucking said you'd post that picture of me in my underwear on snap chat if I didn't!" you snapped. "Fuck baby girl I'm gonna cum soon." he wasn't listening to you. He turned you around to face him and he moved faster and harder inside you, rubbing your clit as he did. His moans were slightly above yours. You didn't want to be in that position but he never listened to you anyway. "Keep squeezing me like that baby girl, I want you to cum. Say my name when you cum." "Ah, Junnie." you said not more the five seconds after he said that. His words always pushed you to the edge, digging deep in to your core. He released inside you moments after you came and drove out his high until he finally pulled out. His face showing that he was pleased and probably wanted more. He watched as you cleaned yourself up and fixed the short black dress you were wearing. He fixed himself up at the same time and you retrieved your panties from the floor saying, "You never listen Junmyeon. I told you I hate it when you do me like that." "Yeah, but I love to watch that beautiful face you make when you cum." he said walking up to you. He took your face in his hands as he walked up to kiss you. You pressed a finger to his chest and pushed him back. "I think you've had enough for today." you said. "But you know by the end of tonight I'll make you scream my name." he said with a smile. Your hand was in his, you said sarcastic, "The neighbors will be so happy." "You're the one that you said you needed exercise. Making love is a great source of cardio." "I will actually slapped you, you know that." He just laughed at you and walked you out of his office. You saw Yoona as you walked down the halls of his company's building. You waved at her, after a few months of getting yourself back together Junmyeon took you out to meet her. She was a sweet girl and she became very attached to you and Junmyeon quickly. You hadn't seen or talked to Kyungsoo in a while. He was avoiding you, it took a while for you to forgive him and move on but you missed your best friend. Gi and him had gotten more serious though, she even moved in with him. Gi and you had gotten close, she was actually the one that helped you prepare one night for a date you were going to have with Junmyeon. You hadn't let him touch you for a while, at least not in a sexual way and he understood but you could see his sexual frustrations getting to him. You finally worked up the nerve to allow him the satisfaction of touching you again. You enlisted Gi's help to look attractive for him, of course that meant wearing a dress but you made it though with the thought that he was just going to rip it off of you anyway. Wherever you two were meant to go that day, you never made it there. The moment he saw you in that short dress he was all over you. Tao had found out about the baby and felt like shit himself. You two stayed away from each other for a while as well. It was more him avoiding you, than you avoiding him. Yifan, Sehun and Lu Han all came to comfort you once they found out. Yoona gave Junmyeon a strange look that made you turn to him confused. "What was that about?" you asked. "What was what about?" "That look you and Yoona shared what are you up to?" you said suspicious. "Baby girl you're over thinking stuff again. All I did was smile at her. Of course, if you'd rather it be you that only sees me smile I can definitely comply." He dipped his head down to catch your lips. His hand reaching you waist and the other grabbing for your thigh and trailing under your dress. You pushed him away, "Damn it Junmyeon you play too much." you said feigning anger. He laughed at you and you saw him throw a quick salute to his boss. You two walked around and talked enjoying the summer breeze. You thought you two were going home but you two ended up at a large fancy building, you could see a penthouse at the top and you looked at Junmyeon who was pulling you along. "Why are we here Jun?" you asked. "Come on there's something I have to show you." He pulled you along in a hurry as you called for him to slow down. He stopped once you reached a door, you were panting a little. "Out of breath already, maybe you do need more exercise." "Murder. You. I will." you said calming your breath. He kissed you again, "Okay Yoda." he said playfully. You shook your head and he opened the door and pushed you in. The room was dark until he flicked on the lights and you heard and saw everyone jump out, "Surprise!" You were surprised indeed and smiled big at everyone. You father came over and gave you a hug, "Hi sweety." "Hi papa, but wait I don't understand what is all this?" you said. "It's a baby shower," You turned to the voice that answered your question. "in your honor of course." "Kyungsoo? You're really here right, I'm not just dreaming all this?" you said. Kyungsoo smiled and shook his head, "No you're not dreaming, someone pretty convincing told me to come." You looked back to see him looking at Junmyeon who had turned his head with his hand in his pocket and the other on his neck. You smiled and turned back to Kyungsoo, "I figured if even he was saying you weren't mad at me anymore than I should come. Besides I wanted you to know I was happy for you." he said. You wrapped your arms around him, "Thank you Squishy." "Yah, you promised not to call me that in front of my girlfriend." Kyungsoo said embarrassed. You laughed turning to see Gi walking up to you. "Can I feel?" Kyungsoo said looking at you stomach. "Sure but I'm not so sure what you'll feel I'm only four months. I haven't even felt him kick yet. I probably won't for a while." "You're still so small." Gi giggled. "It's a boy?" Kyungsoo asked. You nodded and took his hand and placed it on your stomach for him to feel. He seemed a bit shy but he smiled. It must've been really hard for him to let go for him to avoid you for so long but you were happy to see that smile. Junmyeon had invited all the guys, and his co-workers, his boss was there as well. Yoona had come and then the whole exchange between her and Junmyeon finally clicked. His boss had also let him use the penthouse for the party you later found out. As the party died down, people started heading home. It was late and Junmyeon was thoroughly pleased by the turn out. "Did you have fun?" he said into your ear. "Sure did, thank you for this." You turn around to face him. He still had a drink in his hand but he sat it down before he kissed you. You pulled away, "Junmyeon we should probably head home first." "But we are home, if you're willing." he said while he continued to place kisses on your lips. "Wait what?" you pulled back confused. "I got promoted at work, that means a bigger pay check, that means I can afford this place. My boss didn't just let me use it for the party tonight he let me use it to show you." "Are you saying what I think you're saying?" "Baby girl, let's move in together. I don't want be apart from you anymore." You smiled at him, "You're an idiot. Yes I'll move in with you." "I'm your idiot." he said laughing. You wrapped your arms around him and he kissed long and soft. He pulled away for a second to say, "Now let's get to the part where you scream my name."
So of course I have to do an Epilogue, it's only because my OCD won't allow me to end chapters on odd numbers lol. I hope you liked this and Thanks for reading~BabydollBre Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco
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The last line is perfectionπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ but seriously this chapter brought me to tears!! πŸ˜­πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
part of me was going to go a little insane(well more insane than usual) if they had sex right after they got back together, but you appeased me with actual logic.. although I have claimed this as a good read I don't know how I survived that many sex scenes. like there was at least one in every chapter. sometimes I was like "naw this is a faux scene she just had one in the last chapter she won't do it here too..." or "they just had a sex scene in her PoV there won't be one in his too.." well I
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