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So just got back from a short vacation in Vegas and found lots of good stuff there and as soon as I got back home. This sign on the freeway is what we saw on our way back. There was actually a couple, but I was only quick enough to take a pic of this one lol.
That's me!! 👆👆 I was temporarily a gym leader for a whole 6hrs in Vegas lol
This little guy came out of one of the eggs I came up on
This guy wanted some of our lunch
And this dude was waiting for me at the grocery store when we got back home lol.
It was a pretty good vacation. Even got a couple Eevees with over 300cp and missed out on a 477cp Growlithe! What are some of your favorite Pokemon that you've caught? Team Valor!! Lol
@danidee right!? I'm originally from ca and I haven't had a good banh mi in a really long time. So I was pretty excited to see one in Vegas 😁😁
I LOVE LEE'S SANDWICHES. Their banh mi is so bomb.
@danidee originally SoCal and moved to NorCal in my early 20s
Where are you from in CA?