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When I first saw this I was laughing, its a pretty hilarious power xD
Sanji confusion is understandable xD
Usopp and Nami are right, there is no way this could ever sound evil or threatening xD
Robin's image was the same image I had xD
Franky is just asking to die xD if you've seen this far you know not to piss off the paw xD I love One Piece and all the unique yet random devil fruit powers there are. @LuffyNewman @ChrisStephens @KurosakiJess @DevilsSon
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@DevilsSon yeah I love her reactions xD
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omg I loved this part, Robins imagination is great xD like on the way to Dress Rosa, and Robin imagines the old woman in a dress xD
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@nimm14 Yeah that was hilarious xD
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@nimm14 馃槀 oh my how did i forget that
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Haha yes such a weird devil fruit lol!!
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