Requested by: @yaya12 You woke up at the small groan of your boyfriend next to you. The sun was shining on him, making his hair glisten. His eyes were deeply closed and his eyelashes made little shadows across his cheeks. The way his lips moved, made little dimples. Yep, he was perfect. That perfect guy was Lay. You woke up coming out carefully from his arms, that was holding you tight. After that you made breakfast. He finally came out from the bedroom rubbing his eyes smiling, noticing that you were wearing his shirt. "Good morning jagi~^^" "good morning~" je went over to you and gave you a tight back hug and kissed you on the cheek. He started to whisper random things in your ear and as you felt his breath on your ear, you started to get ticklish. You started giggling uncontrollably. After you finished making breakfast you both sat on the table. You haven't seen him for a while, since he went to concerts overseas and had busy schedules. So you just stared at him, wanting to capture his beautiful face in your memory. He looked back and said, "Do I have something on my face?" You laughed and said, "Yes. You're going to have a whole lot on your face. " "Well... You want to tell me what i'm going to have on my face?" "My kisses!!" You went over to him and gave messy kisses all over. Lay looked at you and said, "Oooh I can't deal with you!" And gave you a nice, warm kiss. It's been forever since you had a sweet kiss like that. His tongue felt like sugar and all his little nibbles and bites felt like sweet pop rocks. After having that kissing marathon, Lay insisted that he wanted to go to the beach. On the way to the beach, he turned on some exo, and you guys had a mini singing battle. "When were you that good at singing jagiya?" "Hee hee~ I practiced while you were gone^^" and he kissed you right on the forehead. When you arrived at the beach, you took your shoes off and started running off to the water. As you turned around you called his name. "Lay!" He stared at you giving off the most beautiful smile you have ever seen. To his eyes, you were the love of his life, the dream girl, and of course, his girl. He wanted to pursue the dream of you being totally his. He ran to you and grabbed both of your hands and pulled you into a kiss that melted your heart. He let go and looked into your eyes and said, "I want to be the only guy you're ever going to cherish, appreciate, and love." He took out a ring from his pocket and said, "(y/n), will you marry me?" You were speechless. Finally, you gave him a kiss, and said "Yes, I'll marry you. You will be the only guy to cherish, appreciate, and love." Perfect.
@yaya12 I hope you liked it!😍 Next one will be another request from @taetaebaozi ☺️
this is soo cutee~
@yaya12 That's great! I was worrying if you would like it or not☺️👌🏼
I loved it❤❤😍😍