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My Monsters

I know it's not Halloween yet but I wanted to make this lol. so I was just scrolling down my gallery and saw that I had a few pics that were a bit.......dark and so I got inspired to make this collage. it took such a long time to get everthing right that I couldn't just keep it for myself so I wanted to share this to you all! Do you guys like this "dark" and "creepy" stuff? my favorite pic is Jungkook's. like oml that's so scary but I love it.
Oh my god!!!! This is so perfect!!!!! And the quote you put in is just ahhhh!!!! I love you so much for making this!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Scary movies gives me nightmares, and grown! 😭
@DestinyXiong the Jungkook one is my favorite too! I completely agree it looks amazing
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