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I had a let's say heated discussion with someone who tried to Imply that he didn't like manga and only read comics because manga is nothing but perverts and and have no story or depth and went to everyone's favorite fallback batman and his back story and reasons for the choices he made so I politely explained how he could find Atleast 5 to ten back stories in Naruto alone that was as intriguing as batman and that's without the main characters story. So he tried to throw out there batman's tragic story so I explained in the nicest way possible how Almost every anime and Manga with a heroic story starts at least with a parent dieing some way or form and most are killed by the lead enemy but if he wanted to here a truly unique and intriguing characters story learn of Itachi Uchiha and then let's talk again. Got to put these fools in there place. I grew up on cartoons because I'm older but I love my anime and Manga and have no longing for the good old days I'm happy as PervySage at mixed bathhouse.
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both are about equal in greatness