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Nakama Intro Day 4: If I could be reincarnated as an anime character who would it be and why?

We all have that one character that you not only gravitate towards but you wish you could be anime or not but this is about anime and there's one character that easily comes to my mind.
Jaden Yuki: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX I can't think of a more perfect fit that Jaden from Yugioh's GX series. It's perfect we have the same attitude the same laziness and I'd get to have a cool red blazer :D Jaden is my pick because he's the best character towards my traits and attitudes set in a universe I would kill to be apart of. He follows the beat of his own drum, protecting his friends and the game he loves while enjoying everything in the process. Jaden likes to have fun while enjoying the challenge and even when the chips are down he still puts a smile on his face and Gets his Game on. I'd also be able to talk to duel spirits how is that not cool, the dream of talking to card ejector wouldn't be far off at all.
Just gonna leave you guys with some memes :3
So what about you? Who would you like to be reincarnated as? I can't wait to read your cards to find out follow @hikaymm for original post :3
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