So I think the moment I realized that I love Seungri more than T.O.P. (my ex, le gasp) is when I was watching their movie together, Nineteen. I found that I loved Seungri's character the most. looking forward to every single scene he was in and squealing at his cuteness! Check the movie out some time guys, it's a roller coaster. Plus baby T.O.P and baby Seungri, you can't lose!
I love Seungri's white hair, with a passion. I don't think there's an idol out there that could make it look better than he did. Not even you, Rap Monster. Seungri is also a good actor! I can't wait to see him in more shows and movies.
He's uh... he's good at being sexy.
"Mama, just let me be your lover." GOD YES, PLEASE! Ahem, hmm. Sorry about that, I can't control it sometimes.
Seungri also has his own MV's of course, with a successful solo career! ^^ I love all of them, and his songs without MV's as well. He really seems to appreciate the sexy concepts... I see you Seungri, I see you.
By the way, is it just me or does anyone else think Seungri is a Korean Justin Timberlake?
Also does anyone else Seungri actually looks Chinese? Am I insane? (Yes, of course.)
One of the things I love the most about Seungri however, is his smarts! He tends to use them for wily things though. He's a mischievous man. I experienced it fully in episodes of Running Man! Seungri was always quick to trick the members and often times he either did succeed or ALMOST did. I couldn't help but feel proud every time.
His carefree prankster nature is also shown in the ways that the other members worry about him... illustrated in the video above through phone calls. T.O.P EVEN ASKS IF HE'S DRUNK! And Taeyang asks him to only say true things on the show... makes me wonder what Seungri has done to them.
Alright, I'm pretty tired so I'll leave with some pic spam!
THOSE LAST ONES THO! Is it getting hot in here?
Some gif spam!
Yes, you do look awesome. All the time.
THROW IN SOME NYONGTORY! Can you tell I ship these two pretty hard?
I mean look at all that and tell me that there isn't some kind of strange admiration there, hmm?
Seungri even ships himself with GD!
Throw in a bit of TOPRi cause TOP loves Seungri just as much as anyone.
Some TaeRi!
And some DaeRi!
And now to wrap it all up in one!
I love you my playboy prince, I'll be a fan forever ^^
Thanks for reading this card and I hope you fangirled or boyed at least a little with me!
@CosmicCassidy, how do you deal with me?
I'm sad because I had to get rid of a lot of blocks and pictures since it went over 50...
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@TheEnlightment omg Same !!!! I might have to go and watch it all over again ...It's serious such a good movie❀❀ Maybe some other Vinglers will be interested in it to and there can be a communtiy Movie night or something ~~❀
Seungri will be so Happy and proud that him Win you over from TOP!!
@lovetop haha awww what a cute thought, I'm sure he would be :D
Ahhhh yes!!!! Seungri is so awesome!!!!! More love for our panda!!!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
@CrookedShadow all the love for panda!! ^^