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Im doing both today because i wasn't feeling well yesterday.

HOBBIES: -Reading romance/other -Drawing people, anime, or random stuff -Writing my books or stories -Dancing to music, trying to follow the choreo as best a possible. -Watching anime and Kdrama's(of course) -Kpoping

If i was reincarnated who would i be and why? i would be Tachibana Mei from the anime 'Say I Love You'.

The reason why is because if i was reincarnated into Mei my life as her would be similar to how it is now. She doesn't have many friends, however she does make a few new friends. its a ditto to me. i just think the transfer would be comfortable.
@NikkoNikole thanks for the tag!! Cool recantation pick!! And love your hobbies!
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thank you @tayhar18920
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