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Shortest card I'll probably ever do, because I don't have a series I don't like specifically because I don't read what I don't like it's pretty simple. The only series I can say I don't care for is Attack on Titan I haven't read everything but when I tried to get back into the lines were all over the place none of the characters looked like they were supposed to or barely representing who they were supposed to look like. I've seen fan art that looked more accurate. Other than that I don't have anything sorry to disappoint :( Follow @SimplyAwkward for the original post/ her collection on the manga challenge month :3
@SimplyAwkward fixed thank you for the clear up :3
@SimplyAwkward Sorry I meant to put their sense I don't know anyone's genders xD
@ZephyrBlaze lol its ok, most people here don't know my gender because of my pic
I'm a she owo