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Hey guys! OMG! Okay, so this is kind of late, but the performance video for DamnRa came out!!!
On July 14, 2016, Ravi participated in Jellyfish Entertainment's new music channel project Jelly Box and released the single "DamnRa" featuring SAM&SP3CK; a DJ/producer duo. "DamnRa" was released along with a performance music video
For those of you who don't know who SAM&SPECK are, they are a DJ/Producer team that are known for their electronic vibes. Though Ravi wrote the lyrics himself, they helped him with the composing and the arranging of the song. I haven't found a lot of information about them yet, but if you want to follow them on social media, I've found their Facebook, and Sam's Instagram account. Feel free to click on the links below! If the links below don't work, their Facebook name is SAM&SP3CK, and Sam's Instagram name is samnsp3ck
What'd you guys think? Aren't they awesome?!? N looks very excited 😂
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Can you tag me please
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that was awesome! I love naughty Ravi ❤
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@amberg171997 In the overall taglist?
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☆ I'm so proud of Ravi!! ☆
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