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Hmmm... if I could be reincarnated into any character... Piece of cake.

Naruto Uzumaki!!

So obviously, there are plenty of reasons to want to be Naruto- his courage, his determination, his willingness to fight for his friends, the increasingly cool powers- but in my particular instance, allow me to get a little personal on y'all. I am a victim of bullying. I also deal with an emotionally abusive parent. Both things affected me quite a bit- even now, I still struggle with depression and social anxiety. It's messed me up quite a bit, to say the least. Naruto went through similar experiences- but he overcame all that. The whole village hated him for most of his life, save for Iruka and the Third(and the ramen guy), and he had to grow up without his parents around. But, no matter what, he perservered, he worked hard, he never gave up even when he failed, he never let the world jade him, no matter how much of its ugly side it showed him. And because of that strength, he slowly earned the respect of the people who once hated him, even going on to become their hero... and their leader. I admired Naruto greatly in high school (heck, I still do), and I tried my hardest to be like him, but I could never muster the same kind of perserverance. I'd try to do something, and then quit because I'd feel like a failure, or that I'm too (stupid, awkward, worthless, underserving, insert any negative adjective) to have what I wanted. So I'd like to be in Naruto's shoes, even for a day, just so I could see where he found his personal power.
And so my card ends once again, and sorry for getting all angsty and sappy on you guys... I just didn't want to give a generic reason for my choice and leave it at that. :p See you in the next card, which should be just a little less angsty than this one. XD Mata ashita! @hikaymm
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