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Tuesday- Which anime characters am I most like Levi McGarden: She's a bookworm and as the manga goes on, proves her worth even though she's not one of the strongest. Mirajane Strauss: She's a very nice, sweet person, but she's not someone to be messed with. Like me, when she hears someone make fun of her drawing or whatever she said wrong, she cries. The tears aren't always real, but it'll always be a little painful Erza Scarlet: I wear my sweaters like she wears her armor (well she used to): as protection. Medusa the Witch: Her calm demeanor. I want their confidence.
Wednesday- Other hobbies: -Reading books -Cross Stitching -Watching Movies such as, Captain America Civil War and Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl -Watching TV shows such as, Supernatural and Steven Universe Oh! P.S.-I'm trying to teach myself Japanese. A very slow process
I'll be back with today's