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Set in an Eastern fantasy setting, Dān Fěi and her brother, guardians of a sword known as the Tian Xing Jiàn, are pursued by the evil Xuan Gui Zong clan, who seek to obtain the sword for their master, Miè Tian Hai. While her brother is defeated, Fei, who possesses the sword's guard, escapes and finds herself in the care of the wandering swordsman, Shāng Bù Huàn, and a mysterious man named Lǐn Xuě Yā, who become her protectors from the pursuing Xuan Gui Zong clan. (according to Wikipedia) This is an TV series which is anime like...some source I do not remember... It is made with amazing animating and puppets. The series is a Japanese-Taiwanese collaboration. An action romance (according to me...)
Beautiful Dān Fěi
Handsome Shāng Bù Huàn
Mysteriously attractive Lǐn Xuě Yā
Extra characters (whose name I am too lazy to search up...sorry)
Episode one is currently available...somewhere (crunchyroll probably) I watched it with my brother and man! UNIQUE! I wuv it!
Here is the opening!