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Hello Hello Hello!!! How are you all? Well I am here with another episode of Diamonds... where Nanajin is life... lol. We are getting to the end of this story and it saddens me but I think it is time to move on. Nanajin seems to be slowly dying and it's time to give you all a new ship to sail.... WELL! Hope you enjoy today's chapter!!
Her world came to a stop as she stood breathless in his rooms doorway. She bit down on her bottom lip ruthlessly as she tried to take in everything. He had been taken by Rick, Jin had been kidnapped. How had it happened? When had it happened? Where in the world was she when Pretty Boy was in need? Nanami shook her head to dispel the thoughts. Thinking about all of that wouldn’t help him now, it was too late for what ifs and she should have beens.
All that mattered now was saving Pretty Boy. Rick’s last words still rang in her head. ‘Come to the warehouse from your last trip. I would come quickly if you want to find your boyfriend in one piece.’ Anger boiled in her and Nanami clutched her fists. Rick could mess with her all he wanted, but laying a finger on Pretty Boy was a no no.
Nanami turned on her heels with a purpose. She needed to act quickly before Rick started sending messages to her through Jin’s detached body parts. She quickly made her way down the stairs as she pulled her phone up to her ear. “Hey, it’s me. I need a favor.”
Jin could taste the blood on his lip and feel the throbbing from the newly formed bruise on his cheek. His left eye had now taken on a bluish purple color and he no longer tried to even open it. He watched Rick with his only open eye as he smiled with satisfaction and set his phone down on the table in front of him. “My Nanami sure has changed.”
“She isn’t yours.” Jin croaked painfully.
Rick turned to face Jin and chuckled. “Ah, that’s right. You would think she is yours wouldn’t you?” Rick shook his head and walked over to sit in front of Jin. “I hate to have to do this to you, seeing as it’s all thanks to you I will get my hands on my girl again.” A malicious smile covered his features and Jin felt his lip twitch.
Jin’s heart sank and he looked away from Rick to the set of candles aflame on top of table behind him. It really was his fault if he was honest with himself. He was selfish and wanted Nanami all to himself. He ignored her constant need to tell him being with her was dangerous. To him Rick had just been a memory to her, one he didn’t need to think about, one that wouldn’t keep them apart. Now? Well now he had become the bait that would lead Nanami straight into this sick bastard’s arms.
He wanted to tell Nanami to leave him, to let him suffer because he couldn’t stand the thought of what Rick would do to her, but Jin knew Nanami better than that. There was no way she would let him take her place as Rick’s torture victim. Nanami was many things, but selfish was not one of them.
Rick poked Jin’s swollen and busted lip causing Jin to jump and turn his attention back to the man as he hissed in pain. “Don’t worry, I have never seen Nanami in love before, but I can assume she will come to your rescue quickly. Then you can leave,” Rick leaned in closer his hot breath hitting Jin’s ear. “and she will be mine again.” Rick pulled back laughing.
Jin’s jaw clenched and he resisted the urge to snap at the man in front of him. There was no way in hell he would let Nanami stay here while he escaped alone, but how in the world would he get them both out of here?
The door behind them opened and a man walked in. “We are ready for her arrival sir.”
“Make sure you are. Nanami isn’t going to be easy to catch just because she walks through the front door. I trained her too well for that.” The endearing smile that crossed Rick’s lips made Jin feel sick to his stomach. “If you let her escape this time Adam…” Rich shot a glare at the man Jin assumed was Adam. “You will be worse off than lover boy here. I hear the waters in Korea are nice this time of year.”
Ice dripped from the man’s words and Jin shivered involuntarily. It was no wonder Nanami said he was someone to be feared. He had no problems kidnapping idols or threatening someone, the real question was if he was okay with killing someone. Jin wouldn’t doubt the man had killed people before, and he doubted he had killed his last victim yet. Jin just hopped that his next wouldn’t be Nanami or himself.
“Are you sure about this?”
Nanami nodded her head. “I can’t let him torture Pretty Boy any more. It’s my fault he is being dragged into this anyway.”
“But what will he do with you once he has you?”
Nanami looked at the man kindly. He had been a friend for a long time, someone who had also escaped Rick’s grasp. Luckily for him Rick hadn’t wanted him back and let him go. “I will worry about that later. For now, I need you to watch that okay? If Rick gets ahold of that then there will be bigger problems than my safety.”
The man nodded his head and reached under the counter of his bar. “At least take this with you okay?” He pulled out a long black riffle and handed to Nanami. “I would feel better knowing you had protection.”
Nanami smiled and took the gun. “Thank you Jackson. I will be back for that later. Make sure you keep it safe.” She waved as she made her way towards the bar door.
“Just wait a little bit longer Pretty Boy. I’m coming for you.” She whispered under her breath before disappearing into the crowd.
Jin’s head hung down as he rested. As the hours moved on Rick’s impatience had started to show. He had taken up beating Jin every now and then to take out his frustrations towards Nanami’s slow arrival. “Maybe she decided to leave you here and take off to save herself?” Rick shook his head. “Always running from me, she would even leave the man she loved in my hands so she could make her escape?”
Jin struggled to lift his head and look at the man. “If only…” He took in a sharp breath and grunted, “She would…. Just go.” His breathing was heavy and each word came out with a gasp. “I hope… she did.” A small smirk played at Jin’s lips as Rick raised his hand to hit him again.
“Hit him and I might be obligated to just shoot you without saying hello.”
Both men looked up surprised to see Nanami walking along the rafters. She had snuck in only moments ago but it didn’t take long to realize what the men had been talking about. She fought the urge to run to Jin as she looked at the state he was in. His left eye was swollen shut and cuts, bruises, and blood marred his features almost making it hard for her to recognize him.
“Ah! Nanami you came my dear.” Rick turned around and clapped his hands together.
“Unlike some people I do not leave my people to suffer.” She shrugged her shoulders and swung down from the rafters to land on the ground only five feet from Rick. “Plus you took something that is mine and I have come to get him back.” She leaned over to get a glimpse of Jin. She knew the look on his face too well… shock and relief. It was natural that he wanted to get out, but he knew that she wouldn’t be able to leave so easily.
“And here I thought you had just come to see me.” Rick smirked.
Nanami scoffed and shook her head. “Why would I want to see your ugly mug? If you remember right, I ran away and left you high and dry during your heist. Why would I come back willingly?”
“Ah yes, how could I forget that night. You got in before me, stole the diamonds and took off with Levi before triggering the alarm and getting all my men put away for the diamonds you took.”
Nanami plastered the most innocent look she could manage on her face and shrugged. “You did teach me everything I know.”
Rick slammed his hand on the table next to him. “Exactly! And yet you turned and stole from me.” His voice started to rise and Nanami let a small smirk form on her lips with the satisfaction of being able to get under his skin.
“Technically I stole from the diamond company we were robbing.” Nanami said in a flippant tone.
“Enough!” Nanami watched Jin flinch a bit as Rick raised his voice, his hand hitting the table closest to Jin.
Nanami wanted nothing more than to get him out of here. From the looks of things, they had been torturing him nonstop since he went missing the day before. The guilt she felt was unimaginable. She would forever owe Pretty Boy. “You’re right, enough of the games. I am here now, let Pretty Boy go.” She moved in a wide circle away from Rick and started to untie Jin. “I’m so sorry for this Pretty Boy. When they give you the chance to leave, you do it. I will deal with them and meet you back at the dorm later okay?” She simply smiled at Jin’s horrified expression and nodded her head.
“Will you come without a fight?”
“Without a fight? Well this is me we are talking about. Wouldn’t that be totally out of character?”
Rick snorted and nodded his head. “That is true, but if you want Pretty Boy there to get out alive you better drop the funny business.”
Nanami nodded her head and turned back to Jin. She handed him a duffle bag and took his hand. “I will at least walk him out to the courtyard. I want to make sure you actually let him go before I agree to go quietly.” She felt Jin stiffen at her words.
“You can’t stay!” He said in an angry whisper as they made their way to the doors. “He will kill you.”
Nanami giggled halfheartedly. “This is me we are talking about Pretty Boy. Don’t worry, I will be home before you know it. Now get out of here. If you end up hurt any more I won’t be able to forgive myself.”
They pushed through the door and Nanami cursed slightly under her breath. She hadn’t thought to bring an umbrella and the sky was raining down with no sign of stopping. “Looks like you will have to get a little wet.” She smiled up at him.
“Run with me.” His face was straight and held no humor. “We can do this. I can’t leave you here.”
Nanami’s face softened and she gingerly touched his marred face. “Pretty Boy… Jin.” She heard his soft intake of breath. She never called him Jin unless she was being serious. “I need you to leave. I can’t fight them and get out of here until I know you are safe okay? Plus…” She paused and smirked at him. “This is my mess and I can deal with it.” Nanami pulled him out into the rain and walked towards the doors. “If we both leave now they will only come back for you later. I need to end this now.”
The rain pelted down on them and they were both soaked in an instant. Jin knew where they were and she had no doubt he would be able to find his way back to the city. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and handed it over to him. “Call Levi when you are far enough away from here. She will come get you, but do not tell them I am here okay?”
Jin nodded his head and planted a soft kiss on her forehead before turning towards the door. Nanami didn’t need to watch him leave. She needed to watch and make sure Rick didn’t do anything stupid until Jin was out of earshot. She spun on her heels to face the man only to be met with a slap to the face and the feeling of a fist around her throat. “He is free…. You are now mine.”
A shiver went down Nanami’s spine as she tried to swallow around his tightening fist. ‘Please don’t turn around Pretty Boy’ she pleaded silently in her head. “You won’t get away this time Nanami.” This time the feeling of a fist hitting her stomach caused her to let off a soft whimper. “You will suffer princess, you will suffer and then I will make sure to keep you on a tighter leash.” Another fist flew into her stomach and this time she couldn’t contain the strangling noise she made as the air was knocked from her stomach and his fist tightened around her throat.
‘CLICK’ Nanami’s eyes flew up at the sound. There was no mistaking that noise. How could she have forgotten she had put it in the duffle bag. The longer he stayed the angrier Rick would get, the more at risk they both were…. But now Jin was holding a gun, and the end of the gun was pointed right at Rick’s head.
The sky lit up brightly as the lightening set off an electrical charge that made Nanami jump slightly. Thunder cracked viciously above their heads, and none of them dared to even breath as the rain fell with deafening thuds on the ground around them. How it had come to this, Nanami wasn’t sure. This wasn’t supposed to happen. The tears welled up in her eyes and she, for the first time that night, was thankful for the cover of the rain that soaked her down to her core.
She should have stayed away. She shouldn’t have baited the sleeping tiger. This was all her fault, and now she was going to break all that Jin was. She was going to watch with her last breath as he broke and all she could hope for was that she would be dead before she could see the heartbroken look on his face.
Nanami attempted to swallow but winced animatedly as she felt his fist tighten around her throat. Her voice was long gone and even though she wanted to tell him to forget about her and go, she wouldn’t be able to. She tried not to react as he slowly cut off her air supply, if she did…. She knew he would react, and that was the last thing she wanted right now.
The look of hatred and determination in his eyes was enough to send a chill down her spine. She had never seen Jin like this, but then again… she never thought she would see Jin holding a riffle either. The long cold piece of metal sat in his white knuckled grip as he pointed it in her direction. The sight had broken her heart, but she didn’t have the right to have any kind of feeling towards it… she had caused it. She had all but put the gun in his hands and told him to pull the trigger.
Jin’s face was a blank slate. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all and that honestly worried her. Nanami silently assessed her surroundings trying to make some kind of escape plan for her and Jin but her thoughts were cut short by an icy voice. “Let her go.” Jin’s voice was nothing more than a growl that resonated from his chest.
“Let her go?” An amused voice asked before the sound of booming laughter could be heard. With every shake of the man’s body his grip would tighten slightly around her throat. “She belongs to me boy. Now go run along and play idol with your friends. We grown folk have adult matters to discuss.” He pulled her along by the neck as he turned to walk away. Nanami silently pleaded that Jin would just leave. She had dealt with Rick before and she would be able to do it again, but if he was hurt she would never be able to live with herself.
“I SAID LET HER GO!” The sound of a gun shot rang out in the small space and Nanami flinched. Jin sounded angry and she was betting that he was only giving Rick a warning shot. ‘Go Home’ She pleaded to him with her eyes.
Rick smirked and turned to face Jin. “You want her that badly?” Nanami wasn’t able to hide the pain and fear that crossed her face as he tightened his grip and lifted her off the ground by her throat alone. Her finger nails scratched desperately at Rick’s arm trying to pry his hand away so she could breathe. “Put the gun down boy, or little miss sunshine here ends up with a broken neck.” He clicked his tongue at turned to look at Jin. “She is no use to either of us dead.”
Jin’s breath hitched but he knew better than to give in to Rick. If he did, Rick would only take Nanami and beat her, he would practically kill her, then force her to work with him again. Jin knew that Rick would use his safety as a way to keep Nanami under his thumb, and Jin wasn’t willing to live everyday knowing she had given away her freedom for his own life.
Nanami’s fighting became slower as her lack of oxygen slowly plunged her into darkness. She faintly remembered Jin calling her name before she heard the gun ring out and felt a sharp pain in her leg. The pain wasn’t even enough to keep the darkness at bay… everything went dark with a scream from Jin, “Nanami! Hold on!”
The steady beeping of the heart monitor coaxed her out of the darkness. She groaned as she tried to swallow, her throat too sore to even manage something as simple as that. The smell of antiseptic and the shuffling feet outside of her door let her know she was probably at a hospital. Nanami’s brain searched for a reason she would be there when the memories came flooding back. Her eyes shot open and she tried to sit up in a hurry.
“Woah woah.” A hand landed on her forehead and pushed her back down into the bed. “Take it slow sleeping beauty. You might injure yourself even more.”
Nanami looked up in confusion at the owner of the voice. “Yoongi?”
“Levi just went to talk to the nurse. She will be right back.”
“What about Jin?” Nanami asked in a half panic.
“He is fine, well as fine as a guy who was beaten up could be. At least he doesn’t have a bullet wound.” Yoongi motioned to Nanami’s leg and she scrunched her nose.
“Well I guess I’m not so bulletproof.” She chuckled bitterly.
“Mi!” Nanami’s eyes flew up to the door to see a worried Levi come running at her.
“Hey Lev, how are you?” Nanami smiled teasingly.
Levi playfully pushed at Nanami’s shoulder and shook her head. “How can you even tease at a time like this?”
“A time like what exactly?”
Levi frowned and looked at Nanami with an irritated expression. “You first off went to meet up with Rick and didn’t tell me a thing… if it wasn’t for the call I got from Jin’s pocket I never would have known you were in trouble. Second you got a GUN FROM JACKSON AND GAVE IT TO JIN!” Nanami pulled her down and covered her mouth.
“It’s illegal to own guns in Korea remember?!?” Nanami whisper yelled at Levi. “Plus I didn’t give it to him on purpose. I completely forgot Jackson insisted I took it for safety. I just kind of gave it to Jin in the duffle bag when I was trying to get him to leave. How was I supposed to know he knew how to use one?” Her face winced slightly as she moved her leg. “Or that he was such a bad shot.”
Nanami’s face turned serious for a moment. “How is Jin by the way?”
Levi nodded. “He is beat up pretty good, but he will survive. The press was told it was a crazy anti-fan was mad that you would date him so he attacked you, and Jin got beat up trying to take most of the attack.”
“Where is he?” Nanami moved to try to get out of bed when a third pair of hands moved in to push her back down.
“Nanami you need to rest. He is sleeping anyways. I was just over there with him.” Nanami looked up into the face of Namjoon and nodded. He had been held against his will being beaten and who knows what else for an entire day. It was only natural that he would over sleep.
“Fine, I will get some sleep.”
Hours quickly turned into days and she was finally able to move her leg again. Jin had been discharged and she was due to be let out the next day. The thing with being locked up in a hospital bed with nothing to do but think…. Is that you think. Nanami had been over and over what would come out of this. If she went with Jin then she would never be able to leave his side because Rick could show up at any time, and if she left…. She might never see Jin again, but he might be safe. Then again Rick could always target Jin even if she wasn’t there, because he knew she would come running.
Nanami sighed and threw her head back. She had to make up her mind… because tomorrow? Tomorrow Jin would come happy as ever to take her home and nurse her back to health despite the fact that his face still had yet to completely heal. Tomorrow she would have to face the press and help him explain the situation to the fans. Tomorrow she had to make up her mind. To stay…. Or to leave……
Jin happily pushed the wheelchair to her room. It has been almost a week since she had been locked up in the hospital room and he knew she was not a fan of staying in one spot too long. He wanted nothing more than to take her home and help her get better himself. He pushed through the door and started to make his way to her bed in the corner. “So I was thinking today we would go out for a while since you have been locked up for a week inside. What do you think Nana……” Jin was cut off as his eyes fell on the empty bed. He walked over to the restroom and knocked on the door only to watch the door swing open to complete darkness.
“Where is Nanami? Let’s get out of here!” Levi came marching in with Yoongi and Jungkook in tow. She stopped when she saw the look on Jin’s face. “What?”
“I don’t know where she is.” Jin said simply.
“I think I do.” Jungkook piped up from the main room. He walked over to where the others stood and held out two letters and Nanami’s cellphone. “Anyone else getting a strange sense of déjà vu?” He handed the letter to Jin and the other one to Yoongi. “Guess she only had time for the two of you.” Jungkook pouted slightly.
“Hey don’t pout! She even forgot me!” Levi whined. “If she left I swear I will find her and kill her myself. She will not…………” Yoongi pulled Levi away as Jungkook followed her ranting still audible down the hall.
Jin stared at the letter like it might jump out and bite him. He felt the horror sink in as he remembered the last pink enveloped letter had had received from her. She couldn’t have left him again could she? His shaky fingers pealed open the envelope and pulled out the simple sheet of paper.
Pretty Boy,
I am sorry for having to do this yet again, but I have to leave you. As you saw Rick is dangerous and I can’t get over what he has done to you. I don’t know if I will ever see you, the guys, or Levi ever again, but I cannot put you all at risk.
The short time I spent with you was amazing and I am glad I came back to spend this time with you as your girlfriend. You are an amazing person and I wish you the best.
Do not look for me, do not hold out for me to come back, because this time I really wont. The only thing I can promise you is that Rick will not bother any of you ever again. I will make sure of that.
Write great songs and sing with your whole heart. Make sure Yoongi takes care of my precious little sister and you take care of lil Kookie.
I love you Jin. Stay well and stay safe.
Love Forever and Always,
Now before you pull out the pitchforks and try to kill me.... This chapter is all thanks to the wonderful and evil @Sailynn..... *WW3 has now commenced*.... She is the whole inspiration for this loverly chapter and it's oh so happy ending.
Secondly... I apologize for my lack of posting. As I have mentioned before Diamonds hasn't been getting much love or attention so I have busied myself with other tasks instead of writing do to lack of inspiration. I will try harder to put out chapters more quickly for you all as well as start back up on updating other stories.
Thirdly.... there are only a few more chapters of Nanajin left and I will then be moving on to finish some of my other already started works before I start up anything new... but I do have some things in store for you all that I think you will enjoy....
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