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So Heyy all Incase you all didn't know I am a huge gukkie oppa fan lol i call him gukkie oppa so Please pardon me . Moving On he is one of those ppl who caught my eye in first glance nd I absolutely love well i actually still need to check out his dramas which I am working on lol But I somehow got myself into watching all his MVs and I noticed that all his MV's are soo artisttic and completely beautiful
So lets all find artistic beauty in all his MV's Shall we
1 ) His recent MV Seasons of Heart
Rainbow Cake which I really want to eat lol
and the destruction and showing fire in the artistic way
In my opinion this whole MV is beautiful how they fight in all those places and then kiss again in those moment I absolutely love it
2) Shake it
Gukkie oppa first debut MV omgee this is the cutest lol
and if you can find uri Vixx babies in this MV aren't they are completely adorable nd young here awww !!
And the Art omgee in Light colourful art in the club What more can I ask for hahas This MV is Magical and Beautiful lol
This song and Mv is beautiful
and I love all the art shown in here Shadow art , Fire symoblism and art the artistic background.
This MV is completely beautiful and artistic
5)With Laughter or Tears
This Mv is just soo beautiful
i love the art shown with Wine water bubbles Toast Burning wine glass breaking symbolism Behind all this as you all can he was going throught a recent breakup and hella missing her.
I completely love him and His Music
please support my gukkie oppa Everyone !!
So was I able to prove my point Isn't all his MV's are artistically Beautiful
I hope you can all see this Too And Enjoy Watching these Mv's as much as I did lol
Not to mention his beautiful Vocals and his Voice is Amazing
All credit to its actual owner.
yes I love him also and you definitely need to watch his dramas
SEO MY LOVE!!!!!!!! *\(^o^)/*
@lilbr0wneyes i will i am working on that lol