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Hello, It's Zi-Mon!
Today we're Going to Highlight a Member in our Community. Please Welcome @Katiems . Let's all give her a Big hand!
She is a Very Active member in the Community, and She's a Very Sweet Girl.
so Let's Get to know a Little bit more about her.

Q1. What is Your Name?


Q2. Who is Your Block-B bias?

"B-Bomb Because I Really Love his Vocals & Dancing."

Q3. How long have you Been a Fan of Block-B?

"1 Year."

Q4. How did you discover Block-B?

" I became a fan after seeing them perform at KCON 2015."

Q5. Are there any other Groups You'd Like to Share?

"My Top 6 favorite Kpop Groups are Super junior, BTS, Block-B, GOT7, BigBang, & Monsta X plus Amber Liu from F(x)."

Q6. Are there any other Biases you'd like to Share?

"B-Bomb is Honestly becoming my Ultimate Bias, But I also Bias Sungmin (Suju), Youngjae, GD, J-Hope & More."

Q7. Is there anything else You would like to add?

"I think all Block-B Members are talented and I am so happy I discovered them and Became a BBC, I love also being able to share Love and Support with Fellow BBCs in the Vingle K-Pop Community."
You're Awesome, Katie! We are all Very Glad to Have you in the Block-B Community! Let's all let her know how special she is to us. You can Say something nice to Katie in the comments.
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Congratulations @katiems !!!
WELCOME! ^-^ B Bomb is.... 😰 Bias Wrecker Alert! 😥 Lol
thank you~ ^^
@katiems You're Welcome. 🤗💖