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❥ Hi Bebes!! I am your gaming Director. Every other week I will in charge of giving you fun games and activities ♡

❥ Screenshot Games ❥ Name that M/V *I will go into detail* ❥ Scavenger Hunts ❥ Scenarios ❥ Etc.

So for today, I will start us out simple and post screenshots of the M/V you have to identify. I will probably make them harder as we go along, and crop certain things in the M/V. . I just want to see who's observant. ♡

ღ M/V 1:

ღ M/V 2:

❣ Melody Mod Squad ❣

☆ Bebe Melodies ☆

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1. Wow 2. Insane
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1. Wow 2. Insane
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M/V 1: Wow M/V 2: Insane
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