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Why the Second Lead Will Never Get the Girl?
While watching Moon River, I can't help but notice how caring and considerate the second lead is. He has her back every time she's in despair! In my honest opinion, the second lead probably did more for her than the main lead.

But we all know the nice guy never gets the girl.

We can blame it on...Timing. You should've done this earlier.

The nice just too nice.

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It's ok! Second leads always steal fans hearts anyway. Some major second leads that always give me second lead syndrome are Shin woo and Jeremy in You're Beautiful, Kang woo in Master's Sun, Youngdo in Heirs and Hee Kyung in My love from the stars. T.T
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Yeah it's sad how the nice guy never gets the girl ☹️
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Yeah it's just fate, nice guys finish last... It's the death of all 2nd male leads. He is so cute but I fell for the main lead easily.
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@cindystran Yeassss! Girl Yeassss! He's absolutely adorable XD I AM A SPEXIAL FAN AND I LOVE HIM
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Awww nooo i hate disss i wd go for the second nice lead i always second lead syndrome nd I am sooo watching this drama OMgee <3
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