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It's the penultimate day of the Fairy Tail Challenge, and today is all about our favorite characters! This is a super tough and varies greatly depending on the day and my mood (and if I'm saving up some characters for another day!), so without further ado, here's who I'm going with!

Laki Olietta

Laki is so adorably special, and I've always loved her! She has her own way with words (for example, she refers to getting a haircut as "chopping hair", eating as "feeding your stomach", sleeping as "whittling away the defenseless hours", slow as "turtlish", etc) and is a bit of a sadist. I feel bad because I sometimes forget about her, as she is a rather minor character, but I just adore her! I think she's a very underappreciated character, plus purple is my favorite color, so extra points!

Honorable Mentions

No way could I possibly pick just one!

Freed Justine

Freed is the foremost member of the Thunder Legion! Endlessly loyal to Laxus (as I mentioned on Wednesday, I ship it a little), he is a bit uptight; as a script magic user, he is all about following the rules. I loved when he went on Wendy's first job with her!

Erza Scarlet

Last, but certainly not least, Titania herself! An S Class wizard, Erza is a tough contender for the most powerful member of Fairy Tail! She is incredibly versatile, beautiful, and strong-willed, and she also knows how to have fun! Just don't mess with her strawberry cake if you value your life! (I sure wish I could eat 49 strawberry cakes and look like that! I know she works out like a champ, but still...)
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I love Laki!! She's my 2nd favorite girl in Fairy Tail!
@assasingod yay Laki love! πŸ’œ She's such a gem!
Fairy Tail!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜’πŸ‘†