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So I went a little crazy on this chapter! I had gotten super excited about it and even as sarah had been writing her's I had been writing parts of this. I just couldn't help myself, I knew where I had wanted to go with it and had to make it happen. lol Don't be upset with me.
Again it is another long chapter so I hope you have a a little bit of time to read it!
Anyway sarah I picked that ball up right out of your hands, so fast, just so fast you didn't even have to throw it to me.
And if you missed @SarahVanDorn's chapter here is a link to part 12
Sarah and the guys got into the car, Namjoon made sure to sit next to her so that he could get the details.
“Oh and Jin it’s at an isolated warehouse” She started and gave him the address. “They are going to be racing in a few hours but I don’t think it will be completely packed” she told him.
“Racing?” Namjoon questioned.
“I didn’t mention that. This friend of her’s, Dominic, she’s known him for a few years now. He got her into racing when we still lived back in the states and pretty much taught her how to drive and drag race. Well after we moved here he did too. He doesn’t stay in one place long ever, since we graduated high school but he’s been here for the past two years like us.” Sarah gave a short history of the guy.
“Did he follow Jenni out here?” namjoon questioned.
“I think so, Jenni doesn’t though” Sarah shrugged.
“Does she like him?” he questioned, Sarah knew what he meant.
“No, not in a long time, she stopped crushing on him when he went to Mexico for a while.” Sarah answered "Although I think Dominic likes her. " she added which was why she was nervous.
She was paying attention to Jin driving and noticed that up ahead there was signs blocking off the road. There was a couple thug looking guys standing guard with radio’s in their hands. Of course check point.
“Either we have to find some place to park on this side of those baracades or I”m going to have to drop a couple names and hope that it gets us somewhere.”Sarah said.
“Do you have names to drop?” Kooki questioned with a laugh.
“Shockingly I do” Sarah nodded.
“Will we be able to get out?” Jin questioned. “Oh they’re coming.' He said rolling down his window.
Sarah wedged herself so that she could stick her face over Jin’s shoulder to see.
“You should turn back. The road is closed up ahead” The muscle man said when he approached the car.
“Uh-” Jin started not knowing what to say, Sarah cut in.
“Hi, yea I know there is a race going on. I got the text with the address” Sarah said pulling out her phone. “I know Dom and Jes who are inside, I know-” The guy cut her off with a kurt nod.
“Dom and Jes, they came together maybe half hour ago, started a fight with some girl” the guy said, "They’re going to start the race soon between them. Leave your van around the corner and you can walk through the alley. The finish line is at the end of it” The muscle guy said.
“Mr. Talkative. I like!” Sarah said complimentary attitude for him. “Thanks for the info” She said.
The guy nodded and than pointed which way to go.
“So apparently Jenni picked a fight with someone” Sarah sighed.
“Whose Jes?” Jin questioned.
“Oh that’s Jenni. She goes by Jes most of the time in this crowd” Sarah said.
“Jenni picked a fight with someone?” Namjoon said, not sounding happy about that. Sarah chuckled.
“You’re going to see her competitive side, that’s all I can say” Sarah said as Jin parked the car.
“I’ve always wanted to see one of these street races” Suga said sounding elated.
“Really?” Jin questioned. “I have too” he laughed.
While they were walking Namjoon pulled out his phone and called Jenni to find out where she was at. He got a few sentences before he heard several insults aimed at her in the background and than she had hung up the phone. That did not sound good. Namjoon was feeling a mixture of emotions, Anger, worry, Jealousy and a little bit of excitement.
Now back to Jenni !!!! (And were going back to when they just got there)
When jenni got out of the car Dominic followed suit then came around the car to her side.
"you ready for this?" he questioned.
"Hell yes. Are the other guys here too?" she asked walking with him into the crowd of people.
"somewhere around here" he shrugged. as they walked several people said there hi's to them and patted dominic on the back telling him good luck. there was alot of people he knew here, both women and men. when they approached a car that had its hood up and several people surrounding it they stopped.
"is he the one your racing?" she asked.
"probably" he shrugged as they stood just behind the group of people.
when someone made their way out of the crowd a small woman stood in front of them. she was definitly korean and had long black hair that framed her small face.
"Hey Dom" she grinned at her.
"So you thought you can challenge me? you think your ready?" Dominic said crossing his arms over his chest.
"i'll wrap circles around you!" she shot at him which made him as well as Jenni laugh.
"Do you know each other?" Jenni questioned. he gave her a sly look.
"This is Ji Hoo's little sister Mina" Dominic said.
"Oh i know him" Jenni said. " i think the last time i raced it was against him." Jenni said clapping her hands excited. "Its nice to meet you Mina" jenni said cheerfully. Mina just stared at her, a blank look on her face. " Im Jenni." she introduced herself. "where is Jihoo anyway? i want to say hi to him too" she said looking through the crowd around her car but not spotting the familiar face.
"He's entertaining the crowd over there" she said pointing in a different direction. Jenni could make out someone dancing in a throng of people. Before she could take a step away Dominic grabbed her arm.
"So Dominic if I win will you finally go out with me?" Mina questioned.
Oh god, what was Jenni hearing, she didn't want to stand there awkwardly as the girl flirted with her friend.
"Little girl, I'm way out of your league. In fact I'm not the one racing you tonight" he stated.
"What?" her voice raised an octave. "Who am I racing?" she questioned.
"Her" Dominic said pointing to me.
"Me?" jenni sounded confused.
"yes, you" Dominic grinned. "You up for it?" he questioned. the excitement bubbled in her.
"Totally!" she said as her phone rang.
"I can't race her! She's a nobody!" Mina yelled which got a bunch of responses from the crowd around them.
"As long as you don't make me drift I take after this dude" Jenni laughed pointing her thumb at Dominic.
" It’s a normal street race" Dominic said.
"Oh good and i get to use of your car" Jenni clapped. "So happy i came out tonight.”
"Whose phone is quaking?" someone next to her questioned.
"Oh thats me" jenni said pulling it out and stepped back to answer.
"She's not even taking it seriously!" mina yelled.b
"Lalala i can't hear you little girl" jenni provoked the girl.
"where are you? the voice insisted on the phone.
"Um who is this?" Jenni questioned not able to make out to many of the words over the insults Mina was shouting at her. Dominic just stood there and stared between her and Jenni.
" . . . Namjoon . . . " she heard the name that was it.
"anyway i’m a little caught up in a fight at the moment. I'll call you back later!" Jenni said before hanging up. At That moment Dominic was texting someone on his phone.
"You little girl don't know the first thing of what i'm capable behind the wheel" Jenni said.
" Just don't skid to a halt at the end" Dominic warned pulling at her arm so she could hear the whisper in her ear.
"I’m heavy on the break leave it be" jenni said to him.
“If I win against her” Mina pointed to Jenni. “Then you have to kiss me” she stated. It made Jenni laugh.
“And if Jenni win’s she’ll get it instead” Dominic said, his arm still around her pulled her closer to his side.
“Can I win money instead?” she gave him a look, almost a pout.
“You get that too” He grinned.
“Let’s do it” She pumped her fist in the air.
It took a couple minutes to get the cars set up and ready for the race. It would start right on the dot at 10:00. Jenni couldn’t believe that it was already that late, but the last hour kind of flew by. Sarah would probably be home by now, or not she hadn’t gone over until around 8.
“Here’s the key” Dominic said tossing the keys to her. She caught them and grinned.
“Can I plug my music into the dash?” she questioned.
“Go for it! Get pumped” he said giving her a show of confidence.
When jenni got into the car she pulled out her phone, ignored the few messages that she had gotten and plugged her phone into the jack. She thought for a second what song to pla. She wished Namjoon could see her race, thinking of him she decided to play some BTS, MA city with Cypher coming on next, As much as she listened to other music like b.a.p while racing she was feeling this was more her speed tonight. Once the music started to play as Dominic came to the window.
“Do you have any cash on you?” he questioned.
“I didn't think I would be racing “ she winced making him nod. “I'll front you” he said.
“You just know I'll win” she laughed.
“that too. Though I'm taking 25% of the winnings" he said winking.
“Go for it! How much is the bet?” she asked.
“1k” he said.
“low ball” she questioned.
“Its her second race “ he said.
“Oh gosh” she cringed . he patted his car and told her good luck before walking away. The rules were explained and than they were ready to say ready set go.
So I went through found pics of cars. The green one is Dominic's car and the pink and black is Mina's!
When the last word was uttered and the flag waved Jenni slammed on the gas and turned up her music at the same time. Jenni was ahead of Mina but she was catching up. Halfway to the line Mina hit her little button that injected NOS to make her car go faster and got ahead but Jenni waited 5 seconds after before hitting her own. The car gave and the needle hit the 180 and bouncing up and down letting her know she was going faster than that. Mina started to slow back down as it approached the line coming up but Jenni let her car do its work and sped past her even as her speed started dropping as well, right through the painted white marks signaling the end of the mile. People jumped back even if they were a good 200 feet from the mark. Slamming on the brakes and pulling the emergency break the car slammed to a stop going from 100 down to 50 in 10 seconds and than 50 to zero in that, the last 50 feet people backed up in order to avoid the car.
Jenni skidded the car to a halt right into the middle of the people waiting at the finish line. When the car settled she got out and looked around trying to spot Dom, he had the money and she just won! Mina was just pulling to to a stop couple feet from her.
Instead of spotting Dominic however she saw several faces she knew gathered at the very front, some were glaring at her and some were cheering. Forgetting about Dom she ran and launched herself at the one man who was scowling at her.
“Joonie!” she called out in fair warning before she made him catch her, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist laughing as she clung to him. She wanted to kiss him, with all the pent up energy still in her the rush was still there. But that wouldn't be right, would it?
“Did you see?” she questioned looking at his face. The scowl was gone replaced with a small smile playing at his lips.
“Yea, yea I saw” he said.
“ I won!” she said. The guys around her told her good job.
“You had me worried there” sarah said hitting Jenni in the arm.
“Sarah!” Jenni shouted, when she turned to look her name was yelled out and she swiveled her head around to try and see.
“I got your winning’s” She heard Dominic say.
“Oh Oh, let me down!” Jenni said tapping Namjoon on the shoulder but his grip just tightened around her waist.
“No” he said.
“Your not going to kiss her are you?” Jenni heard Mina’s voice behind her.
“I’m mad at her” Namjoon said answering the girl he didn’t know.
“Good!” Mina said making Jenni laugh. “You just wiped me out of my pocket change” she grumbled.
“Little girl, I told you I’m good” Jenni said as Dominic approached.
“She’s not your girlfriend, you lied!” Mina said pointing a finger at Doninic.
“Girlfriend?” Both Jenni and Namjoon shouted at the same time.
“What’s that about Dom?” Jenni questioned staring at her friend.
“She wouldn’t take a hint, she assumed when we came together” Dominic shrugged. “Here” he said holding out a wad of cash for Jenni. Her mind was easily distracted.
“Oh my money!” she said happy grabbing the wad with one hand. “Thanks. I think I’m going to be heading out with these guys! Are you good for your race?” Jenni told him and he just nodded.
“I’ll catch you tomorrow” Dominic shot out at her.
“We can head out!” Jenni said turning back over to Namjoon.
They got back to the van, shockingly Namjoon had finally let her down when they got to the alley entrance and than he held onto her hand the rest of the way to the car. He still hadn’t said anything.
Kooki and Sarah were sharing worried looks at them but for the most part were talking to each other about random topics. The rest of the guys were paying attention to just about everything around them.
When they got in the van Sarah ended up having to sit on Kooki and Jenni sat next to Namjoon in the back bucket seat.
“I'm super happy you guys came”Jenni exclaimed.
“No thanks to you. Dom gave me the address” Sarah said.
“well I hadn't thought you would want to come. You were hanging out with them” Jenni said with shrug
“I would have gone earlier if you asked” Suga said and couple of them agreed, Namjoon stayed quiet next to her. “Next time than” Jenni said. “So you saw me race?” she asked looking directly at Namjoon.
“You were good, Had me worried you wouldn't stop though “ he mumbled.
“I always overshoot. Why do you think people were so far from the finish line” she laughed, “I wanted you to see so when when I saw you at the finish line I got excited” Jenni told him.
“Really? “ he questioned. “Are you sure you hadn't wanted to see that other guy?” he was angry about that. Drat why did she know he would be.
“Dom? Yea to get my money” she wrinkled her brow. “Oh my god don't tell me you thought I wanted him” she couldn't help but laugh. “He is seriously just a friend, plus he's like 8 years older than then I am. If anything he is like my big brother” she said,
“Jenni you already have a big brother” Sarah pointed out “i know, Dom is cooler than mine plus they are the same age “ Jenni said
“You have a brother?”Namjoon said.
“Yea, by 8 years. He is still out in the US with his girlfriend in Arizona. To be honest he worried for me when I was younger and when I first moved here, when Dom moved here he worried less. I think his exact words were ‘he's overprotective of you, I don't have to worry’ he even sees him as a brother” Jenni explained but sarah just laughed.
“I highly doubt that helps this situation” Sarah said nervously.
Anyway can we get off this subject.” Jenni questioned as the car stopped.
“Yea, that's a good idea “ Namjoon mumbled as everyone got out of the car. Namjoon stayed still.
“So your not into him?”he finally looked at her.
She crinkled her nose.
“No” She said.
“Do you like anyone right now?”he questioned. She thought for a second and the flashed a smile at him.
“You” she said a little too chipper, “I think I realized how much when I wanted you around tonight and you weren't there” she told him.
She couldn't read the look on his face but all of a sudden his mouth was pressed to hers and his tongue was licking her lip as he started to kiss her.
Alright what do you think? Was the race scene a little to much? I liked it lol I had to include it and I didn't think I should leave the little anger in the air with Namjoon for Sarah to deal with, lol, I think I wrapped that up okay (I did find a couple pictures so if you hadn't wanted to read you could just imagine lol. )
Again if anyone wants to be tagged or untagged let us know.
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Race scene was good. I vaguely remember watching my dad drag race as a kid (long story). I like how it ended and am curious how the rest of the kissing scene is going to go.
@FromBlue2U thankies. I've had fast and furious on my brain lately I'm glad that part came out okay (tho had to go back and find that word NOS, that nitrous oxygen that gives a boost, cuz I seriously couldn't remember it. ) @kisashimizu16 I hope this made you happy reading! @SarahVanDorn Sarah Sarah Sarah. fireworks happened. lol 🎆🎇
well well!! I am loving this. I like the Fast and Furious element! good job!!
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