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So the winner for last week was flower number 4.
* Warning + 19 slight smut.*
* Also Don't expect a lot of smut since I don't really write that just light smut*
And the Winner Is None other than Song Mino!
The loud buzz erupting from my phone across the room brought my attention away from the task at hand forcing me to answer. " Hello?" I sighed bitterly into the phone without bothering to check the caller I.D. " Whoa baby what's got you into such a bad mood?" His voice sung from the other end of the phone instantly causing regret on my end. " Just a long day sweetheart." I replied trying to calm my nerves without much luck. " Do you have any plans tonight?" He quickly said with with a stiff laugh. Knowing him he already had the entire night planned out, but unable to just give in to his every whim I quickly came up with a plan. " Actually I do baby. Tonight Zico Oppa and I were going to that new club that opened last week." I said stifling a laugh imagining his face right about now. " Who is your Oppa?" He said clearly shocked by my words leaving me fighting to not laugh. " Zico oppa? Why I thought he told you?" I smiled while silently praying for Zico all while dreading the call I was sure to get tomorrow. " Where are you?" He growled into the phone obviously not caring any longer as a smile grew on my face. " Still at home getting ready. Why?" I said nonchalantly while quickly applying make-up. " Which do you think would look better baby the little black dress you like so much, or that red one?" I smiled knowing exactly what I was doing as I heard another growl from the other end of the phone. " Hmm I will take that as the black one then." I laughed into the phone while quickly changing into it just as the door bell loudly went off. " I think Oppa just got here I will talk to you later baby!" I said quickly hanging up the phone without waiting for a reply as i opened the door. " Mino what are you doing here?" I pretended to be confused as he quickly rushed inside slamming the door shut behind him. " Since when do you call Zico Oppa?" He said clearly pissed as his eyes peered into mine as he slowly made his way towards me. " I have always called him Oppa." I spoke softly avoiding eye contact as he finally stood in front of me. " You are lying to me." He growled slipping his hand underneath my chin forcefully jerking my face towards his. " Who is your Oppa?" He growled slowly backing me into a wall until I was unable to move anymore. Not used to seeing this side of Mino made me want to mess with him a little more as I looked into his eyes as a smile spread onto my face. " Baby I already told you Zico oppa." Just as quickly as the words left my mouth my hands were pinned to the wall above my head. " This is your last chance Angel." He growled near my ear as he softly nibbled my neck near my sweet spot. " Baby I already told you.." Before I could even finish my sentence his lips crashed into mine cutting off my train of thought. " Don't ever call his name like that again." He growled as his teeth sank into my lower lips softly pulling it. " And don't even dream of wearing this dress in public angel it's for my eyes only." He purred as his hands found their way to my waist pulling me closer against him. " Making demands now are we?" I smirked as my hands snaked up his neck into his hair. " Try it and watch what happens Angel." He warned grabbing hold on my wrists pulling them away from his hair as he quickly pinned them to the wall above my head. As if on cue my phone started to vibrate violently beside us with a grunt Mino quickly picked it up clearly annoyed. " I am sorry Oppa Y/n is a little busy at the moment and can't come out to play." He quickly said causing me to double over in laughter while quickly running into the other room. " You didn't have plans?" I heard him say confused before foot steps heading my direction. " Angel where are you hiding?" He said seductively as jump onto the bed where I was hiding " Someone has been very naughty." He continued while climbing on top of me as a smirk formed on his face. " Who would that be my love?" I smirked as he quickly pinned my hands above my head slowly bringing his face closer. " I get it now." He whispered seductively into my ear slowly driving me insane. " You could of just asked for this angel." He smirked while slowly kissing down my neck. " And miss a chance of seeing you get hot and bothered." I smirked just seconds before i felt his teeth graze against my sweet spot on my neck pushing me closer to the breaking point. " Who is the one all hot and bothered my angel?" He chuckled as his free hand snaked it's way into my shirt slowly tracing circles until it reached the bottom of my bra as i sucked in a breath. " That's what I thought." He smirked triumphantly as he was agonizingly slow in bringing his lips to mine. " Just remember two can play at this little game angel." He breathed before finally crashing his lips into mine as the rest was history.
So how was the first official Fan fiction of Winner Thursday ^_^
Everything but story: @JustinaNguyen @swarrier16
Innercircle forever: @TerraToyaSi
Yassssw.....dying all over again!!!!!! Part 2 please lol
@IsoldaPazo maybe one day 😂😂😂