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BamBam made an unofficial apology and said he would do something to try and correct his wrong. People are said to have been sending him death threats all for using the "n" word. BamBam doesn't know it as a bad word, being a foreigner. You can't blame him for using a word he doesn't know the meaning of. Also, stars here say that word and many more then other idols, blaming a foreigner for saying a word he doesn't understand the meaning of.. Freakin' hypocritical *****.... 馃槖馃槖
Sorry, had to put my opinions out here. I understand that the case with BamBam is a sensitive one but in all fairness he isn't from a culture that knows the negative aspects of the "n" word. I can show countless vids as proof that teens/young adults in Asia say the word just to copy what they hear/see on the media. They think it's a western thing to do. BamBam is stepping up by apologizing and I hope to see/hear his full apology soon. As for Mark's "friends." I was in LA for the Jul 10 concert and they were downright obnoxious. At first I thought they were trying to get fans waiting in line pumped but no. With their wild antics it was clear to me that they thought they were privileged to do so because they knew Mark. I'm sorry but if they cared about Mark they would've thought twice. They would have put into consideration that Mark's family was also there as well as some parents of the fans. I pray for the best for Got7 and I hope that they know that there are a lot of us out there who have put reason, understanding, and compassion behind their support.
Guys I'm so sad I'm confused how can people one minute adore you and the minute you do something wrong they hate you till something worse happens . when I got into Kpop I didn't realize that so much drama could happen in a month. To all the people who are so butt hurt over something like this please find it in your hearts to forgive I don't want this group separating because some fans who don't realize that things like this happen everyday
@Gaehwa kpop is a drama. Once you get hooked you can't stop till u see it to the end. One minute everything is all happy and rainbows until something either gets revealed or done and everything goes downhill. Good thing bout drama, nothing... I got nthn good bout drama
@IWuvKpop or fighting in the venue of the LA concert, threw water at the fans or just using mark to just as your very own cash cow
@SimplyAwkward I don't think they will disband over this one thing.. They wouldn't do that.. I dont think Jackson would like that and Mark should just not be friends with that girl anymore
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