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Only 90's babies will remember this.. they all looked so good with their hair long
Not gonna lie, taemin looked like a girl, but thats completely ok
I think Minho and Onew slayed the long hair
im pretty sure key never did the long hair thing, besides in the Everybody music video
Does Jonghyun count? this counts as long right?
They all look sexy with long or short hair. Key's never had really super long hair like Minho, but when they have him dressed as a girl with long hair...I'm sorry but that man is still the sexiest man on earth...
I think Onew pulls off the long hair the best! It's how he became my bias after watching him in the Hello mv. I fell in love with him after that mv! 馃槏
@MelissaGarza it the beginning it was his real hair. He eventually cut it but during Sherlock promotions the long hair was extensions. He told everyone about it on a show that I can't remember the name of. When I find it I'll Sen you the link.
I always wonder about Taemin. I always wonder if that was his real hair. Because when he in video with long hair, he has both long and short. it just makes me wonder? 馃槖
To me Taemin wore it better 馃憣.
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