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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with my very own fanfic. Now some of you have read some of my other fanfics and I welcome you to my newest addition. For those of you who haven't read any of my stories you are always welcome to take a peak.
Now this story might have a bit of language later on but in this first chapter it is kind of PG.
As I inform you all with all of my stories the boys may or may not have similar or exactly the same personality as they do in real life. This is to make my story more interesting and I hope you enjoy this FICTION piece.
SUMMARY: Nari was a hopeful Kpop idol.... that is until her never ending bad luck and klutzy demeanor took away any chance she had. With her audition lost and her parents moving to America she thought she would be better off... that is... until her parents decided to ship her back to her older, successful, popular, and oh! Kpop Idol brother in Korea. Will Nari be able to survive not only adjusting to Korean customs with her klutziness but also the presents of her brothers band mates?
Ever known one of those people who has the worst kind of luck possible? One of those people that stubs their toe on the invisible wall that everyone else walks by easily, the one who trips over nothing and lands in the prickly bush over landing in the pretty bed of flowers right next to it, or that person that is in the wrong place at the wrong time no matter what. Yup, that’s me. My name is Nari and my oppa calls me his good luck bear. Good luck bear, you ask? Well that is because my evil older brother got all of the luck in the family and left none for me.
Let me give you a little peak at what happened the last time Oppa and I went somewhere together….
“Please Oppa!” I gave him my best pouty face and he sighed.
“Fine, but you owe me.” He smiled back at my small 12-year-old self.
“Yes! Mom! Oppa said he would take me to the audition!” I ran into the kitchen the smile on my lips matching my overly excited mood.
My mother’s gaze turned to look at my 16-year-old brother. “Are you sure you want to spend all day at some kpop audition?”
“You really think she will let me live it down if she doesn’t get to try?” He asked.
“You do have a point.” She laughed and turned to look at me. “But you must listen to your brother and do not leave his side.”
I nodded my head so hard I swore I could feel my brain knocking against my skull. “Yes!”
The audition room was packed and I looked around in wonder. A group of guys stood around beatboxing and showing off their own freestyle rapping skills, while a girl in a corner danced on the tip of her toes making me regret telling my mother I wanted nothing to do with ballet. A few people holding scripts recited lines together and I eyed them in curiously, while across from them a group of people in headphones sang to themselves leaving my ears straining to figure out what they were all using as their audition piece.
“Breath Nari.” I took a deep breath I hadn’t realized I was holding and looked up at my Oppa who still held my hand tightly in his. “You will be fine, don’t worry.”
Nodding slightly, I took a seat and watched as one by one the people in the room were called in for their auditions. My anxiety started to grow the more I saw people come out tears in their eyes from rejection. “Nari!” I nearly jumped at the sound of my own name being called through the loud speaker.
“Come on.” My oppa coaxed me as he stood up and pulled me towards the large double doors. He pushed the doors open easily and walked in his back straight and a smile… that smile that never left his lips…. Planted on his face. “Nari.” He called me as he pushed my head down into a bow for the judges.
I smiled and walked out onto the stage. The music started, I opened my mouth to sing and it seemed everything would go well…... Well that is until the power went out with the loud crack of thunder. I screeched and instantly fell to the floor hugging my knees to myself. Another crack of thunder sounded and I felt the hot tears start to brim my eyelids.
“Nari!” Oppa knew I was afraid of thunder. I couldn’t believe I didn’t notice the thick storm clouds moving in when we had arrived. I looked up slightly at the call of my name and spotted a gentle blue light moving towards me. “It’s okay Nari, I’m here.” The blue light turned off and he shoved what I assumed was his phone back into his pocket. I felt strong arms pull me to his chest just as another crack of thunder sounded outside. I buried my now tear streaked face into his chest and tried to keep from letting my sobs ring through the dark space around us.
That is when things went astray. Oppa held me close as he started to sing to me his body rocking slightly. As another crack filled the room his singing got louder. He always did this when I was afraid. He would hold me and sing to me until the thunder would pass then he would smile and tell me everything was over. No one could tell me I didn’t have the best oppa ever… that is until the lights turned on and the judges jumped to their feet clapping. I was still shaking as the thunder still crashed beyond the walls, but Oppa had stopped singing his grip still tight around my tiny frame.
That is the last time I went somewhere with Oppa. To be honest I found out later that there was no forecast for a storm that day… but I did tell you that I was miss unlucky right?
Well it was only a few weeks after that, that Oppa was whisked away to live in the dorms and my parents decided we were going to move to America so my father could take over a higher position in his company.
That is how my Oppa became a kpop star and I grew up in America. My brother actually became very popular and that is around the time he started calling me his good luck bear. He would call me before concerts, or when he had taken up acting he would call me before they would start to shoot. I have seen him in person only a handful of times since he joined the company. I have met his band mates and have seen him live in concert…. But despite all of that…. I am beyond nervous.
My father is once again relocating and refuses to leave his ‘poor helpless 24-year-old daughter’ alone in America while he and my mother are off in Europe and my brother is in South Korea. So instead of asking me... ‘hey, what do you want to do when we leave. Go with us? Stay here? Go back to Seoul?’… nope that didn’t happen. They went behind my back… called my brother... my brother talked to his CEO... and now here I am, on a plane, heading right back to Korea. As a 24-year-old woman I would think I would be able to make my own decisions… but when you have bad luck like me? Nope don’t even dream of saying, ‘Hey I will be fine on my own. I will just get an apartment or whatever.’ No because then your family will come back with, ‘You will be there two days and the building will burn down, we will be out of the country and no one will be there to help you.’ The sad part is, they might be right.
“Please fasten your seat-belts. We will be making our decent to Incheon International Airport in a few moments.” The flight attendant announced. Thank goodness my 13-hour flight was coming to an end.
The plane landed, my luggage collected it is now time to find my driver. My brother had said something about a man with my name on a sign. I searched the crowd waiting at the exit until I spotted a tall man with a white board in his hands ‘NARI’ written in horrible English dribble. I smirked to myself and made my way over to him. “Nari.” I said happily as I pushed my hand out at him. To my amusement he looked a bit confused. Why is he… oh yea! I’m supposed to bow not give handshakes. I laughed to myself as I bowed and pointed at the sign. “I am Nari.”
They said it wasn’t long after debut that Oppa had moved out on his own. If I had still been in Seoul, I would have tried to move in with him. My brother and I were always close… honestly he wasn’t the reason I was nervous either. It was his bandmates. They all treated me like some precious stone that would break if even looked at wrong. Do you know how hard it is to have 13 older brothers?
I walked up to the large door and pushed the button on the speaker. “Hello?” The voice that answers back is most definitely that of my older brother and I smile to myself.
“Oppa, let me in!”
“Nari?” The speaker went silent and he slowly opened the door.
“Nari!” Siwon pulled me into a tight hug and smiled down at me. “Long time no see little sister.”
“Oppa you are squishing me.” I pulled back and made a dramatic show of breathing heavily. “You saw me only a few months ago remember.” I laughed and straightened out my shirt as he grabbed my things and moved into his home.
“It seems a lot longer than that.” He rolled my suitcase into the living room and turned towards the kitchen. “She is here!”
I cringed and turned wide eyed towards the eating area. To my dismay I watched as a running Kyuhyun ran right up to pick me up into a tight hug. “About time you got here.” He smirked at me mischievously. “These two hyungs couldn’t stop going on and on about rules now that you are here.”
I laughed and nodded my head. “Does one of them include no touching?” I asked a look of amusement growing on my face at the look Siwon was casting the maknae.
“Oh yea!” He pulled back and winked at me. “But you know I never listen.”
I laughed and turned as I heard someone clear their throat. “You should really learn to listen to us more Kyuhyun.” There he was. The one member in Super Junior I just couldn’t get along with no matter how hard I tried. “You going to greet me or just stare daggers?” He smirked and I found my lips turn into a slight growl.
“Hello Donghae.” I said through gritted teeth.
His smirk only widened. “Is that any way to greet your loving Oppa?”
“Define loving?” I retorted and turned to look at my Oppa. “Where is my room? Despite my long flight I think I am more tired of the company than the jet lag.” I heard Kyuhyun snicker behind me as Siwon lead me down the hall to my new room.
Yes… things were going to be interesting living in my Oppa’s house. Especially with a horde of older brother like guys to make sure their ‘innocent’ sister was always happy and unbroken.
I sighed as I shut the door and laid out on my new bed. “This could be fun… or…. “I paused and chuckled to myself. “Or this could be hell.”
One thing was certain though… This would not be happening if Oppa wasn’t a kpop star.
Well that is all for the first chapter. I hope you all enjoyed it!
Thank you for reading!!
Until Next Time Loverlys!
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