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Bambam apologized and please, please support got7 after this because I am worried something might happen and please stop sending bambam death threats or calling him names
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@SimplyAwkward Oh no they still will have US concerts. Just no time soon.
a year ago·Reply
@BackwardsRain true but I swear if they pull a scripted apology I'm kicking that girl who posted this ass
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward If that girl didn't post it on her Snapchat of whatever she posted it to...there wouldn't have been any of this....just one really stupid decision...
a year ago·Reply
I am so with you @SimplyAwkward I just want to kick both of the peoples asses who posted BAMBAMS AND YUGYEOM so annoying
a year ago·Reply
I feel you @BackwardsRain just because she thought she would be famous she posted ugh now she just looks PATHETIC those people who posted the videos don't know what they are going through after what the did really annoying
a year ago·Reply