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Hey everyone!

What are you all up too??
I am listening to Rap Monster full album mix and BTS - Baepsae/crowtit lol heheh XD TIT….
Anywho~ I have a small minor problem… and it is that my brain is way to active and always wants to do something or create stories. I have some many ideas for trying, poems, and stories
UGH! I wish my brain would just shut up… it won't leave me alone. I don't even sleep well cause of it. its never quiet in my head…Do I sound crazy?? 0_o
But yeh… I am currently working on a Jimin fanfic called "A Darker Truth" and I am on chapter 4. I am hoping to have it done and posted by Sunday, but idk. My life is getting super busy now. I have little time for or to myself… TT-TT
Sigh… With that … I am also writing other fanfics on my phone when I'm not home and near my computer to finish the JIMIN fic.
I started 3 new ones…
1.) BTS- Rap Monster fanfic
2.)BTS- V:Taehyung fanfic
3.)GOT7- JB fanfic
Soon…. here is where I need your help… I need help in making a decision. .>_< :T
Should I or Should I not… go ahead and post the first chapters of this fanfics with these BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS MEN??? Should I finish Jimin fanfic first, all of it, or do all at once to give you something to read while waiting for the next chapter of one??? Or would it all confuse you??
1- Who's the monster? (Namjoon)
2- Unrequited Romance [UR](JaeBum & Taecyeon)
3- Like a Ghost (TaeHyung)
Here's a lil taste…

Who's the monster?

Namjoon & Jae (you)
…Humans are monsters and monsters are humans. Hate and love are a deadly combination. This world we live in is no longer the same…more dangerous
Blood fills the night and silent screams for help die inside someone's head…
[A bit of chapter 1] Your P.O.V.
The night was pretty quiet for a Friday night. Not many people were out, but again, most were already inside clubs dancing to ear busting music with 100s of bodies pressed against each other, getting high pff each other and the sound, drowning themselves in alcohol.
I could no longer be in a place like that so I left, heading home. One of my friends had invited me out to hang with her at her favorite club. I said yes cause it had been a while since we last hung out and I had nothing better to do, but I regretted it the moment we walked inside the club. I hate crowded areas and that place had no space to even breathe. My phone vibrated in my hands, I almost dropped it…
It was my best friend Kylie who had called me…She needed me… Her abusive drunk/druggie aunt had kicked her out again… I headed off to meet her at our favorite barbecue restaurant that was has between were I was and she was… On my way there someone pulled me into and ally and covered my mouth…Fear settled in my bones and anger filled my heart…I was about to be raped and murder… I ran into a monster who was human.

{(That's all I'mma give for now until I know what to do. It's not everything…just a taste.)}

There will be graphic details, violence, maybe sexual stuff…if I don't get to uncomfortable lol.
-Supernatural- Action- Romance-

Unrequited Romance

JaeBum & Sky (You) ft. Ok Taecyeon
Love is a strange thing, very interesting how you love one person one minute and then next someone else. You love a person with money, looks, or soul… Your heart loves him or her, but it's not returned. You watch as the one you love smiles at someone else, not you… Touches someone else, not you… Kisses someone else, not you…Loves someone else …but not you… You wish them your best. Hope they are happy…You let them go and hope they return to you cause it was meant to be… Love triangles are the worst.
You love him, she loves him, he loves her, and he loves who? Confused? I am…Love is confusing and difficult.
I saw you first yet you are with her. He loved you first yet you take mine… Selfish is what we are… Love is beautiful… Love is ugly…. I hate love… I love him, yet he does not love me…My love is unrequited just like yours…

[A lil taste of ch. 1] Your P.O.V.

"Crap, crap,crap!" My alarm never went off. " I'm so gonna be late! SH*T!" I run out of my shower and into my closest. I grab a pair of pants and hop into them while at the same time trying to put on my black sweater. "CRAAAP!" I quickly brushed my hair and grabbed my glasses and backpack. As I ran toward my front door I stubbed my toe
"HOLY MOTHER BUTTS!!!" I hopped on one foot and tried not to cry. I slipped my shoes on, not worrying about having them on right or if they were tied.
"HEEEY LITTLE SIS!! I'M BAAACK!!" My older sister, Hana, walked in. Step sister.
"Hey! Sorry, can't welcome you properly. Gotta go, I'm late! Bye!" I rushed as I brushed past her and ran down flights of stairs and out into the cold November morning air that froze me the instant it made contact with my skin. I had forgotten my jacket..(UGH! SH*ZNETZ ITS FREAK COLD AS BALLZ!!)
I ran to work hoping, praying to make it before my boss finds out. I thought today was going to be a good one but so far it's not going well. My alarm never went off, my step sister came back from France, and I'm late for work. One good thing though, is that someone I care for deeply and miss is also coming back home today, from America. Someone I have know since I was five years old and first moved here…

{(That's all I'mma give for now until I know what to do. It's not everything…just a taste.)}

Warning…mature contents…most likely… ;} Romance-melodrama-

Like a Ghost

Taehyung & Violet (you)
Was this my fault, you think… Did I cause this… You feel like you did… Many dies, others injured. You remember the one good deed you did and hope it was enough to save you. A life was give and a life was taken. You see things no one else can and hear things no one else can… Did you die or did he. Did they all live or just you?
He was past and he won't forget you…He will get you…he was the cause…and now who will save you…another past, maybe…

[A lil taste of ch. 1] Your P.O.V.

…Glass everywhere, screams everywhere…pain everywhere…I felt nothing and saw black.. I couldn't see at first. I couldn't move or speak… Slowly, black turned to color and pain spread… I couldn't scream in agony like everyone else … I waned to call for help and ask what had happened… I could smell gasoline and I heard the word fire…
Dear god, if you exist, please save me. I don't want to die yet! someone, anyone! Save me. SAVE ME!
I heard people yelling for others to run and get away from the cars. I lifted my head and turned it to the side as much as I could, to look out the window. Blurry shadowy figures ran, limped, crawled away. I wish I could run, limp, or crawl away too… I was losing a lot of blood and my vision got worse. Everything was spinning… I saw a shadow figure run towards and saw arms reaching out to me… I also heard a voice, but I couldn't make out the words for I let the pain and shock take over. Darkness and silence was all I saw and heard…

{(That's all I'mma give for now until I know what to do. It's not everything…just a taste.)}

-Romance - Comdey- Suspense- Supernatural-….idk what else lol…
MEH…Hmmmm… So thats it for today/tonight… What did you think??


What should I do?? Should I or Should I not do more fanfics and post them while I'm still working on my first one? Should I or Not post one of these 3 I have here or all?? Which do you like most??
I leave it up to you all.
It's late for me and I haven't been able to sleep lately so I'm tired.
Until Next time!!
-L out! peace!



*if you do not wish to be tag please let me know*

Post the first chapter of each....then decided which one you focus on first. IDK.
I would like to read all of them. Just don't get overwhelmed trying to do to many at once. 😄
go for all of them and please tag me in them ^-^
haha go for it! post them girl!! 😁😉
Freakin post! OMO these are magnificent! I can't wait to read them!!!!!!!