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what would you like to say or ask VAV?

okay guys! I need your help again, VAV will have a fan sign for the album " no doubt" this weekend and I just don't know what to ask or say! we are allowed one question per member and something we want to tell them. I'm soo bad at this because I could just go, get it signed and leave lol so I want them to know I have interest but really I don't know what to say hahah.. so here are the boys I'll be seeing with your potential questions.
Leader: St.Van
New guy: zehan
shorty: Gyeoul
model: jacob
serious boy: Ace
handsome: baron
That's all of them! thank you in advance, I have about 10 before I get started on the cd deco so please ask away!!
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out of which who learned the choreography the quickest out of the group?