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I went on a Youtube run and found some old videos of SpeXial. I always thought they were a 10 member group until I saw their debut music video. Which consist of 4 members. So, here's a brief history of SpeXial!

The original members: Wes, Wayne, Matthew and Sam.

From the music video above, it looks like they were trying the powerful concept. All dress ed in blacked sporting a leather jacket and blazer. During this era, their dancing were the most in sync and they had the cool biker guys vibe.

A year later, the added three new members: Simon, Evan, and Teddy.

After becoming a 7 members group, SpeXial gain popularity in greater China. They also toned down their powerful concept.

In 2015, they added three members: Riley, Ian and Win.

Due to two member's military enlistment the management decided to fill in the gap by adding new talents. If the calculation is correct then they currently have 10 members. Which blend this group in with the k-pop industry of large boy groups.
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@AimeeH *fingers crossed*
@cindystran I buy from them all the time, shipping is always around two weeks, but everything has always arrived in perfect condition!!! My only complaint is they don't sell Vietnamese music, I literally can't find it anywhere... So I have to stick to YouTube 馃槶
@MattK95 Wish I could invite you to LA! There's several music stores that specializes in V-pop merchandise. I only know this because my mom is into it.
@cindystran 馃槱馃槶 I actually might be able to buy it direct from the music companies' websites, first I'll need to find out if they ship overseas or not, but that's so cool they have those there, you are so lucky!!!!