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Tag List Update!
I figured it was about time I organized my tag list, that way I would only tag you guys in the categories that you would like to be tagged in rather than just piling you all into one gigantic tag list which ultimately ended in people being tagged into cards they don't want to be tagged in. SO LETS BEGIN THE SORTING. I will list all of the groups I typically post cards for and you guys can comment down below which ones you'd like to be tagged in!
And yes, this is the option to just be tagged in everything of you don't want to go through the hassle of picking.
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all of them please
a year agoReply
Can you tag me in all of them please thank you馃槉
a year agoReply
tag me in everything please 馃槉
a year agoReply
BTS and Astro plz 鈽猴笍馃槝
a year agoReply
Can I be tagged in everything please?
a year agoReply