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So this is my little rant about what went down in the youtube comments in HallyuBack's new video about Suzy and Lee Minho.
So as many of you already know Lee Minho and Bae Suzy have been dating for almost a year and I give them mad props for that because they are both top stars in South Korea's entertainment industry. I love both of them so much and I'm happy that they found happiness what I'm not happy about is the screen shot below about Suzy.
When I saw this comment I was taken back a little. I was like, "Is this person calling Suzy a Con Artist? A Fraud?" Because first of all Suzy isn't any of that. Like any other person Suzy worked hard for her dreams and herself to be where she is right now so there is no need for this comment as it is irrelevant to the entire video but you know, stupid me decided to respond.
As you can see my comment is self explanatory I was trying to set an example and by no way nor means do I believe New Yorkers and rude and thieves. Sorry if I offend or offended anyone. I thought this person would read my comment and not respond but they did repond.
Now this is where I lost my cool. I would have been fine reading the first 2 sentences and replying with well this is your opinion and that is mine. But then they decided to bring in a whole different topic. In the next picture you can see my response to this stupid comment.
As you can see I tried to restrain myself from completely going all Hulk on this person because I really do respect the Muslim community and in no way should they be blamed for others actions. When this person brought them into the conversation I was just so flabbergasted that this, now argument, changed from Suzy being a "Fraud" to Muslims. Like Da Fuq?!
Now I know for sure that I'm over reacting over this comment and I caused it to go this far but I do feel like someone shouldn't say (example) "Oh I don't like her because she's from So and So and they sell drugs there so she's a drug dealer or might be in a drug circle" Like no. Obviously not everyone will be like that and you shouldn't expect people to be like that anyways. Other than that I should really restrain myself from getting to upset over a comment. I hope everyone is kind to one another and won't stereotype someone by any means necessary. Always be positive.❤✌
Within minutes of posting, this happened and I'm kind of proud of myself because this person can go fuck themselves.
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woah PREACH omg but seriously, I don't know Suzy that much but even still just because she comes from such a place doesn't automatically make her a bad person. like omg 😂