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Part #2 maknaes from: winner,beast,ikon, block b, madtown,seventeen and bigbang!
They are sassy!
This one is the "winner " for sassy maknaes!
they are tempting us!
I'm so glad he isn't under age !
they are freking hot!
but also very adorable!
and sometimes mouthy
or just extra cute!
sometimes we can't tell which one is the maknae!

yup! he's the one!

at the end, we all love them! and everything they do ..
how else could I end the maknaes take over? with the maknae king!
surely everyone loves this maknae!
I love love love!! maknaes! They make everything so much fun! here is collection #1 of maknaes http://www.vingle.net/posts/1678582?asrc=copylink
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