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Yes, this is one of the animes I'm ashamed of watching but couldn't help loving it.
Ok so reason for this is because I'm a girl that loves gore and blood and action and horror and frights. That's me. But then you see me watching this amazingly cute show and your like wtf. I actually didn't plan on watching it in the first place, but I ran out of anime that night on Netflix and I was like "to hell with this lets just watch it" and after the first episode I couldn't stop laughing so I just kept watching it.
Yes I'm also ashamed of watching brothers conflict. I probably wouldnt have kept watching it if it wasn't for the guys... (Damn those artists and their amazing skills to create such lovely creatures). Seriously tho, a bunch of guys liking one girl, it usually always ends the same (unless your vampires or demons then it's totally different). I mean there wasn't any problems other than guys fighting for one girl. Idk that's just me I guess, Jewel made things funny so say thank you to him that I kept watching it.
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I love both of those animes! Dont be ashamed, THERE GOOD STUFF!
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@CandyApple22 they really are but we have to be honest here a blood loving girl singing along to "kiss kiss fall in love" mm most wouldn't believe that
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Yasss! I love OHSHC!❤
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@KageTsuki040910 True XD but hey, it's nice to take a break from the usual and do/watch something you havent done/watched before!
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You got that right @CandyApple22
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