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Just a random list of reasons why we love our boys! *This is a big one guys, so keep all hands and feet in the ride at all times* *Enjoy!* ♡

1). They turn up at dinner tables.

2). They do magic tricks.

3). They play air instruments.

5). They dance like no one is watching.

6). They are all handsome!

7). They drop more then the bass if you know what i mean ... like cups for example. xD

8). They play blind folded hide and seek.

9). They imitate girl group dances.

10). They send kisses!

11). They make derp faces.

12). They have dance breaks.

13). They cuddle.

14). They are incredibly talented!

15).They are huge dorks!!

Thats the end of the ride guys! I hope you guys liked it!! ^_^ ~~♡
At first I read #15 wrong I thought it said they have huge cocks. I was like what the . I'm sorry
So true
Yes, all of it is true. All of it.
Haha yes, all the feels in one gif 😆 @exokpop12385
the end tho lol😂😂
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