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Gomen for it being late, I was out for most of the day. ALRIGHT, for today's Nakama intro, it asks if you could be reincarnated into any anime character who would it be and why? LETS GET STARTED!
My first option would defiantly be Erza Scarlet.
My reason for choose her is because I admire her completely. Plus she also lives in my favorite anime Fairy Tail. She's kind, strong, dependable, and amazingly beautiful, I would be her any day. But even as strong as she is she is still capable to cry, I admire her because she holds her tears till she can't take it anymore and she also faces her fears.
My second option would defiantly be Killua from HunterXHunter. I love this little ball of fluff he's too cute for his own good. I love how he's always awkward and acts like a tsundere but would do anything to protect his friends. Just like I would, plus people die if we're pissed off I find that nice to know someone is the same as me😊.
Lol Arigatou @CandyApple22
Good choices! -w-)b