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Im In love with the Angst. And this author wrote this beautifully. Enjoy!
And I'm watching for the new update on Promises :)
“Yoongi!” You’d exclaim with the happiest smile on you face, you cheeks flushed pink as he held you by your waist and swung you about childishly. You loved this about him, despite his cool and collected facade, he always had a soft spot for you. He peppered your cheeks with kisses, delicate ones that sent tingles down your spine.
“(Y/N)?” He asked softly, brushing a stray stand of hair from you face, looking deeply into your eyes with a look of adoration. “How much do you love me?” He asked quietly, his gummy smile peeking at the corner of his lips as you gently pecked them.
“From here.” You said simply, a confused look on his face as you pecked his lips once more and dashed off, him shaking his head and chasing after you. “Yah! Jagi!”
Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and soon, it was rare for Yoongi to even have a conversation with you. You missed the delicate way he would caress your cheek when you’re sad, the way he would swing you around like a child just to hear your laugh, to do every little thing in his being to make you happy. You held his shirt in his hands, the only little thing you had left in your little apartment that reminded you of him.
You don’t know what went wrong. The spark simply fading as time passed by. Nights grew cold as he made excuses, saying he was out with the boys, staying late in the studio, saying he’s reminiscing old times with friends. You were never one to question it, giving him your complete trust. It was only when you caught him in a lie, figuring something was wrong.
“Yoongi?” You asked softly, nervously fiddling with the ends of your hair as you clutched the phone to your ear. It was silly, really, being so nervous to ask for a little attention from your boyfriend of 2 years.
“What (Y/N)?” He asked in annoyance, the tone you were starting to get used to. A flinch erupted from your little body, a sigh making it’s way out of your system. “I-I was wondering if you wanted to have a movie night, like we used to.” You whispered softly, tugging at the end of his large shirt you were wearing, something you always did when you needed comfort when he wasn’t there.
“I can’t, I’m with Jimin right now. I’ll talk to you later.” He said bluntly, quickly hanging up without a good-bye. “I love you.” You whispered to the empty line, leaning against the wall with a defeated aura.
“What did he say?” You heard from behind you, a guilty voice coming from a small frame. “He said he was out with you.” You admitted, tears pricking at the edge of your eyes. “He wouldn’t cheat on me, would he?” You whimpered, laying your head on his chest as he rubbed your arm reassuringly.
“It’s Yoongi-hyung we’re talking about, he would never hurt you.” Jimin said, lying through his teeth.
It was days like this when you missed him the most. You were alone in the house, not a sound could be heard except from your heavy breathing as you let out little sobs. Yoongi wasn’t home, which hadn’t surprised you, knowing he was out doing who knows what. You figured you’d do him a favor and wash his clothes, seeing it was piling up in the corner of your room. You smelled an unfamiliar scent of woman’s perfume, ignoring it and thinking you were going paranoid. It was then you saw a pair of lacy blue underwear in the pocket of his jeans. One that didn’t belong to you.
“Do you love me?” You’d ask him as he would walk around the house, his empty expression focused on his phone as he typed away. He let out a grunt, his narrowed eyes turning to you. “Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, would I?” He snapped, taking you by surprise.
“Sorry.” You squeaked out, turning back to the kitchen to cook yourself something. “I’m going out.” He muttered, taking his keys and heading to the door. “But, I was thinking we could hang out tonight.” You pleaded, taking his hand in yours, something he couldn’t resist.
He brushed his hand out of yours and swiftly walked past you, a glare being sent your way. “Why does it always have to be about you? God (Y/N), stop being so clingy.” His words erupted, your eyes widening and something in you breaking slowly. He shook his head and slammed the door behind him, leaving you with your thoughts.
You let out a bitter laugh as Jin and the other members, minus Yoongi of course, tried to convince you to stay in. “Boys, as much as I love you, you don’t know how long I’ve been in here.” You muttered and pushed past them, a groan coming from all of them.
“But Noona! We can stay and do whatever you like.” He pleaded, making you sigh and ruffle the golden maknae’s hair. “Kookie, it’s just coffee, we’ll live.” You said with a bright smile, taking the boys with you.
It wasn’t long until you got there, your old smile on your face as you hung out with the boys you had grown close with, missing their companionship. You entered the coffeeshop, the boys going in first and specifically blocking your right side, going unnoticed at first.
“Noona, remember when all of us met here?” He said with a smile, putting his arm around you and ruffling your hair, a laugh leaving you. “Yes, and all of you spilled your coffee onto Yoongi.” She said and rolled her eyes, not fighting back the smile she had. “We missed you noona.” They responded, your smile widening. “I missed you t-Yoongi?” You asked in confusion, looking over Jungkook’s shoulder and watching your boyfriend gently kiss the cheek of another.
You gently pushed the maknae away and continued to watch, Yoongi not realizing you were there, considering he had a beautiful girl under his arm. One that he looked at with so much adoration and love, it made you feel like nothing. “Noona, we’re sorry.” They confessed, bowing to you in apology.
You shook your head, fighting the tears that were threatening to leak out of your eyes as you turned to face them. “Yah! Don’t be! Let’s just have fun.” You said in fake amusement.
Yoongi didn’t come back after that. He didn’t come back to gather his things, not to give you a decent good-bye, not even an explanation. You understood, seeing as the woman was everything you weren’t. All you really cared about was Yoongi’s happiness, even if it wasn’t with you. You quietly leaned against the balcony of your little apartment, a bottle of whiskey in your hand as you clutched your phone in your hands, Yoongi’s shirt on your body as tiny droplets streamed down your face.
You hovered over the call button, swallowing your pride and dialing him. After a couple rings, he answered, his laugh ringing in your ears, as well as a female’s mixing. “Hello?” He said cheerfully, hearing the boy’s in the background. “Yah! Jimin don’t do that!” You heard Jin yell, and for a brief second, a smile made it’s way on your face before hearing Yoongi’s voice again. “Hello?” He called out.
You let out a breathy laugh, taking a swig from the bottle, feeling the alcohol burn the back of your throat. “To Here.” You spoke softly, your voice dry and hoarse from crying and screaming at night. “(Y/N)?” Yoongi asked in surprise, the commotion from the other end silencing. “Noona?” You heard from the background, a loud “shh” following.
“Good-bye Min Yoongi.” You ended, hanging up the phone and setting it down on the table next to you, your heart finally letting go of the piece you were holding onto for dear life.


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No... I can't that ending tho. Sometimes I wish I could just have the power to go into books/story's/ dramas and just beat the shit out of people who deserve it.
Aye yah!!! Why Yoongi always gotta be the jerk in these fan fics? Ugh 😒😒
Holy crap I'm crying guys I feel so soft like shit dude stories like this make me cry 😂
can you add me please~
OMG that was soooo good~^^
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