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Hey guys!
I took a bit longer to make this card to test out a new product I bought. I wanted to make sure I had gotten a good feel of it before I made a card about it.
Anyway, Let's get to it guys!
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Feel free to ask me questions about anything but my answers will mostly be experience/opinion based, I AM NOT A DERMATOLOGIST :P
My 언니 @MichalJamerson will also make comments and she is also a great resource :)
Also just an FYI, my skin type is very very sensitive that leans more toward the dry side.
Now let's get started! ヾ(。・ω・)シ
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Today's card is going to be about Emulsion
Just so you guys know emulsion is defined as something that preserves. It help preserve and maintain the look of your skin and also helps hold in all the moisture in and keeps your skin healthy.
It is up to you guys if you use it more than once a day or how often you use it. I have two different types I have tried and use. Which I will talk about in more detail here in a bit.
I use my emulsions twice a day. Once in the morning because I use sleeping masks and of course at night. Depending on the type of emulsion you have you may have to use a little or a lot. Granted most spread really well so it usually don't take very much.
The first one is Collagen Emulsion by Etude House.
This emulsion is really really good. It's very creamy and heavy though. I used this a lot in the winter and I use it as my night emulsion. It spreads really well so it has lasted me almost a year. I still have about a quarter of the bottle left!
This emulsion has collagen in it which helps in a number of ways. Some of the main ones being to help put that healthy bouncy back into your skin and to help get rid of wrinkles.
Because this emulsion is so think and heavy I don't like using it during the day in warmer weather. Granted I live somewhere where the temperatures don't get crazy high, but there is still a difference.
I would suggest this emulsion because it works great and I almost don't need a cream lotion after using it. Sometimes I don't use a cream lotion when using this.
If you would like to get this emulsion click here!
The second one I use is the Peach Sake Emulsion by Skin Food
I actually bought this product on accident. haha oops
I was trying to buy the serum but bought this instead, but oh well! It turned out in my favor because i really like this product.
This emulsion is a lot lighter than the Etude House one and it is more watery. With this emulsion I actually have to use a cream lotion.
I usually use this product in the morning while I use the Etude House one at night. This way my skin doesn't feel heavy throughout the day or feel like it is overly oily.
This emulsion is suppose to help reduce the size in pores and I feel like it does it. However I feel like the serum I was aiming to get would have done better than the emulsion does.
The plus side to this emulsion is that it smells so good that I want to eat it. But that is bad for you.
Don't eat your face product guys.
I noticed a few breakouts after using this but nothing major. I think my breakouts were caused by the change in season more so than the change in product.
If you are interested in using this product click here
Well that's about it for Emulsions guys!
I haven't really tried any Korean Cream lotions so I won't be making a card on it. I'm still trying to find one that I feel brave enough to try. But once I find one I will let you guys know!
My next card will be about Eye cream, Sun screen, and sleeping masks all in one! There aren't a lot of products that I have tried in these categories so that's why I'm combining all of them :)
Of course, these are my own opinions/experiences with these products. Feel free to ask questions but remember I'm not an expert
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So I had told you guys I would write about this one earlier
But I have been using this product for a while and I really like it. It is suppose to help reduce break outs and help keep them away. It does a really good job at this while also being really gentle. It also has a really nice calming minty smell which I love.
The product does sting a little when you have a cut on your face but it's also as if you were putting soap on a wound. haha.
The product goes on easily and smoothly and washes off easy too. It doesn't dry out as quickly as some foaming face washes I have used in the past.
The reason why I love this product so much is that most acne based cleanser will try out your skin like no other but this one doesn't do that. It makes my skin feel soft and moisturized and also bright. It helps even out my skin tone and really do everything that my rice water cleanser does as well. It's great!
If you would like to try it as well click here