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My top 6 (Pokemon Go)

Hello fellow trainers!

In celebration of this new community I've decided to show you my current Pokemon team! I know they're not as strong as some others but I'm quite proud of my 6 strongest and what I like to call my official Pokemon team!

Water, Flying, Normal/Poison, Electric, Fire and Grass!

The perfect combo of strength and verity. I gotta say if I was a trainer in real life this is the team I would want!

So trainers who's your top 6? What Pokemon do you use in your team? Who's your favorite that you caught? Make you own card or let everyone know in the comments!

Thanks for reading trainers and happy catching!

@animerg13 that's really dope. I would love a Snorelax
@Imagide good call
Nidoqueen is Ground/Poison
@SonTyler lol that sucks.
@animerg13 I live in Long Island mostly commons here
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